Walking with Dinosaurs

Episode 6

Death of a Dynasty

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1999 on BBC



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    • In the original UK version, the narrator identifies the meteorite responsible for the destruction of the dinosaurs as a "comet". This is incorrect; most scientists believe the responsible agent was an asteroid, a large celestial body made up of mostly metals. Comets are giant "dirty snowballs" and would have likely exploded before impacting the earth, as what is thought to have happened in 1908 with the Tunguska explosion.

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    • This episode deals not only with Tyrannosaurus, but also the death of the dinosaurs. While scientists agree that an asteroid was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, no one can agree if the impact was the sole reason for dinosaurs' death or if it was just the final act in a long chain of events. This episode suggest that dinosaurs were already on their way out and that the asteroid was merely the coup-de-grace.

    • The breif scene with Quetzalcoatlus was cut from the US airing of this episode, as was the scene of a Torosaurus horn breaking.

    • The "Dinilsia" is in reality, a modern day python.

    • Triceratops makes its grand apperance in the series - as a corpse.

    • Featured creatures: Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Anatotitan, Didelphodon, Dromeaosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Deinosuchus, Torosaurus, Triceratops, Dinilsia (early snake)

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