Walking with Dinosaurs

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Search for the Giant Claw
      The creators of the ground-breaking Walking with Beasts bring to life one of the most bizarre creatures ever to walk the earth in this special. Journey back to the sand dunes of Mesozoic Mongolia and track the owner of the largest claws of all time - Therizinosaurus. Following the adventure, we must negotiate vast nesting sites, see off curious Velociraptors and avoid the terrifying Tarbosaurus.moreless
    • 12/25/00
      This first program is a stunning recreation of Al's life. A 15-year story of a lone battle against formidable prey and voracious predators. After hatching, the young Allosaurus leaves the nest to start life feeding on insects and lizards. Through his youth and adolescence Al learns to tackle larger prey. In a gripping chain of events to bring down a giant Diplodocus, 5-year-old Al receives a blow that cracks a bone in his tail. At 6, he is sexually mature and with the scent of a female, Al pursues his first mate. His attentions are unwanted, however, and she lashes out at him, tearing his arm and claw sheath and smashing his ribs. Having recovered from this unsuccessful amorous encounter, it is now the dry season and Al needs food. When dried carrion cannot satisfy him he turns to stalking Dryosaurs, but again his luck is not in as he trips in the chase and breaks his right foot.moreless
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