Walking with Dinosaurs

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • About this series

    It was great story line, visual effects and sound editing.
  • The dinosuars look so realistic!

    This my friend is what you call a good show! It focuses on the past life of dinosuars and their times. It's very informative and my kids still love it! It will keep your eyes glued to the screen! Your eyes could just run into the tv. My favorite episode was the one under the sea. The dinos were all so cool! I wish they brought it back. Everything about this show is great! Lot's of action mixed in with the learning. Very amusing. I went to go pick the DVD up one day. These dinpsuars are not forgetful. What a great show!
  • Awesome! I love this show. Bring it back!

    I loved this show and think that they should bring it back, because in my opinion there is a lot more that they could talk about concerning dinosuars.
    I am a little disappointed that some of the predators were left out, for example the raptors were only mentioned in one episode! Whereas T-Rex had a whole episode based around it and the cretacious period.
    The jurassic period, however I believe was not talked about enough.
    I really enjoyed the episode on cruel seas though and would love to see a second series come back with more episodes so crammed with action, while also being informative.
  • Will keep you glued to the screen

    Walking with Dinosaurs is a groundbreaking acheivment for TV and special effects.Who would of thought that dinosaurs could be created with such realism,then get slapped on our screens?
    But it's not just the CGI that's fantastic.The way it's narrated seems that it's an actuall nature documentary.You feal that the dinosaurs are real.
    Walking with Dinosaurs is a facinating and sometimes,eye-boggling mockumentary.You see what life was lke during the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • wow

    Great grafics...Now I know they wont bring it back but it still is good.Not bad for something about learning.I normally watch things that rot my brain till no more but I still like to flip to this if it is on.Cause I really like all the animal violence and stuff.And I like dinos and all.Science teachers love this stuff.And ever scince I want to be a paleotologist,I eat this stuff up.*In case some people dont know what it is.It is someone who studies dinos and digs them up.I would prefere to stay in a nice air conditioned test lab but,hey,beggers cant be choosers.*
  • A series of episodes connecting dinosaurs.

    Walking with Dinosaurs (WwD) is a great program. It shows you lots of facts about dinosaurs like:
    who discovered them
    their guessed colour
    the era they lived in.
    It features most of the dinos you should or would know today like t-rex, diplodocus, deinonychus ( die-no-nike-us ) and megalosaurus.
    It always has repeats if you miss a show and you can count on it if you need homework details of a specific dinosaur. Recommended for people who want to be paleontologists. This show was excellent and I want to bring it back.
    You should try and see it, and see if you like it. I thought it was great!!!!!!!
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