Walking with Dinosaurs

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • The Ballad of Big Al

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    S 1 : Ep 7 - 12/25/00

    This first program is a stunning recreation of Al's life. A 15-year story of a lone battle against formidable prey and voracious predators. After hatching, the young Allosaurus leaves the nest to start life feeding on insects and lizards. Through his youth and adolescence Al learns to tackle larger prey. In a gripping chain of events to bring down a giant Diplodocus, 5-year-old Al receives a blow that cracks a bone in his tail. At 6, he is sexually mature and with the scent of a female, Al pursues his first mate. His attentions are unwanted, however, and she lashes out at him, tearing his arm and claw sheath and smashing his ribs. Having recovered from this unsuccessful amorous encounter, it is now the dry season and Al needs food. When dried carrion cannot satisfy him he turns to stalking Dryosaurs, but again his luck is not in as he trips in the chase and breaks his right foot.moreless
  • Death of a Dynasty

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    The year is 65.5 million BC, and the time is 11:59pm for the dinosaurs. Volcanic activity has begun to choke the land, and dinosaurs are suffering. Few eggs are hatching, poisoned by the toxins in the air. Dinosaurs are on the decline, while mammals are thriving. The pterosaurs are all but gone, replaced by birds, and a massive asteroid is on its final journey to Earth. In this world, the most infamous carnivore stalks the land, the mighty Tyrannosaurus.moreless
  • Spirits of the Ice Forest

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    In the mid-Cretaceous, Australia, Antarctica, and South America are still connected in one super continent. This is a time when the South Pole is a huge polar forest, where for five months of the year, the sun never sets. The Antarctic forests are a land which time forgot, where allosaurs still prowl the forests and ancient amphibians still hunt along the river banks. We fellow a year in the life of a clan of small dinosaurs, Leaellynsaura, and their struggle to survive in this unique environment.moreless
  • Giant of the Skies

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    Reptiles not only rule the seas, but the skies as well. This is the time of the pterosaurs, flying reptiles that dominate the Cretaceous skies. And at this point, none is as large as the massive Ornithocheirus, the largest pterosaur at the time. We follow the final days of one such Ornithocheirus as he makes his way to the mating grounds, soaring over the lands ruled by dinosaurs.moreless
  • Cruel Sea

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    Dinosaurs may rule the land, but it's a different story in the oceans. Marine reptiles dominate the seas. A school of female Opthalmasaurus are moving into the reefs around the northern Tethys Sea to give birth. Once born, the young ichythosaurs must dodge sharks, plesiosaurs like Cryptoclydus, and the monsterous pliosaur Liopleurodon, the largest carnivore ever.moreless
  • Time of the Titans

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    It is the late Jurassic, and dinosaurs rule the land. At the height of this reign, saurpods are the dominate herbivore on Earth. We follow the life of one sauropod, a Diplodocus, from hatchling to sub-adult, and the challenges she faces in her world.moreless
  • New Blood

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    It is the mid-Traissic period, an the sun is setting on the age of reptiles. Once the most dominant lifeform on the planet, reptiles are now represented by only a few species. But as the age of reptiles wanes, new animals are on the rise, and amoung them, the first members of a new dynasty: the dinosaurs.moreless