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  • Season 2
    • The Witness
      Episode 13
      A little girl who has witnessed something terrible goes into hiding in Ystad while forces seek to silence her at any cost. Meanwhile, a controversial trafficking trial begins which brings about threats to the lives of Kurt Wallander and prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell. As the situation forces them to reassess their professional and personal lives, the little girl contacts Wallander to reveal what she has witnessed, an act which leads to a dramatic showdown in which both of their lives are at stake.moreless
    • The Collector
      Episode 12
      When a woman is found dead in her apartment, clues point to the victim's ex-boyfriend, a bouncer named Fabian. During the investigation, however, Pontus discovers that his colleague Isabelle is harboring a dark secret from her past - a secret connected to the case. Isabelle's future as a police officer is suddenly in jeopardy, putting her loyalty to both Pontus and Wallander to the ultimate test.moreless
    • The Heritage
      Episode 11
      When the wealthy owner of a successful cider business is found brutally murdered, dark family secrets surface and suspicions fall on his family and employees. But just when Wallander thinks he has everything figured out, more deaths occur and he is back to square one, with his officers struggling to stay focused.moreless
    • The Ghost
      Episode 10
      When a beach house burns to the ground following a gas explosion, a man and a woman are found dead and the police suspect murder by arson. The case becomes even murkier when a homeless man who had been in the vicinity of the explosion is also found dead. As Wallander and the Ystad police dig deeper, they uncover an intricate web of lies, betrayal and secret love affairs.moreless
    • 10
      After a young women's choir gives a special guest performance at a country church outside of Ystad, an 18 year-old member of the choir disappears and it initially seems as if she has left of her own free will. But as Wallander and the Ystad police investigate, evidence is found that points in the opposite direction.moreless
    • The Sniper
      Episode 8
      When a small-time jewel thief, his ex-girlfriend and her lover are killed by a sniper, Wallander and the Ystad police work to uncover the shooter's motive. Meanwhile, rookie policeman Pontus is rebuked by Wallander after risking his life in pursuit of the killer and is forced to confront his career choices. He finds he has more than a sniper to deal with when he receives a surprise visitor.moreless
    • The Leak
      Episode 7
      A rash of armored car robberies hit Ystad and cadets Isabelle and Pontus, who are present at one of the robberies, attempt to hunt down the culprits. After Pontus is captured, Wallander follows a clue that leads him to a friend and former colleague who now works for the security company that owns the robbed armored cars.moreless
    • The Priest
      Episode 6
      A priest is found shot outside a hostel in what looks like an attempted murder. The priest, who is believed to know the identity of the shooter, is fighting for his life in the hospital. Meanwhile, Kurt Wallander and his colleagues discover that the priest has had a love affair outside of his marriage, and that they may be dealing with a crime of passion.moreless
    • The Cellist
      Episode 5
      After a virtuoso performance, a Russian cellist falls victim to a crippling bomb attack in Ystad. It turns out that the woman is a key witness in a murder prosecution against a member of the Russian mafia, and Wallander and his colleagues suddenly find themselves in the midst of a war against a powerful international enemy whose methods are merciless.moreless
    • The Thief
      Episode 4
      Following a wave of burglaries, a group of Ystad residents decide to take matter into their own hands by forming a neighborhood watch to protect the town's streets at night. Soon a man is reported missing by a devastated relative and the case is quickly de-prioritized. As Wallander nonetheless digs into the cold case, he discovers some terrifying pictures on the dead man's phone.moreless
    • The Courier
      Episode 3
      When a motorcyclist is found murdered, the clues lead the police to the local bikers club. The murder victim seems to have been involved as a courier in a narcotics smuggling operation via Denmark, which leads Kurt Wallander to conclude that certain powerful people are attempting to take control of the drug trade in the region. After Isabelle is brutally attacked in her home, it becomes apparent just how far the powers that be are willing to go.moreless
    • The Guilt
      Episode 2
      After six-year-old Albin Landberg disappears without a trace from his day care, everyone in Ystad becomes engaged in the increasingly desperate search for the boy. The evidence seems to point to a convicted pedophile who has recently been released from jail. However, as the investigation goes on the crime becomes far more complicated than the Ystad police could have ever imagined.moreless
    • The Revenge
      Episode 1
      When a series of explosions disrupt the peace and quiet of Ystad, knocking out the town's power transformers and sending citizens into a frenzy, the military is called in and the little town starts to look like a war zone. Are the explosions acts of sabotage or terrorism? Everything is in chaos as Kurt Wallander navigates through the darkness to track down the culprits.moreless
  • Season 1