Season 1 Episode 3

One Step Behind

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2008 on BBC

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  • A weak end to an otherwise stellar first series

    Series 1 of "Wallander" goes out a low note - "One Step Behind" is a weak episode, but only when compared to the two that came before it. It's unfortunate, because it's Branagh's best performance of the series. Too bad it gets lost.

    The show starts out promisingly enough - Wallander is already near a breaking point when the death of a colleague rocks him back on his heels. And his diagnosis of diabetes doesn't help. Branagh is great at showing Wallander's determination to push forward and solve the crime, even as he fights to stay awake at the wheel, wheezes when jogging after a witness and passes out in a corridor.

    The killer's motives are what undo this story for me. Without spoiling anything, I didn't buy the killer's big reveal or his roundabout way of achieving his end goal. "Sidetracked" was almost marred by this, but at least the killer had an understandable motive. While it's unfortunate "Wallander" leaves us with this until it returns, the show itself has been fantastic. Let's hope Series 2 offers more stories of the caliber of the first two episodes; we can look at "One Step Behind" as an important development of Kurt Wallander, but as a subpar mystery outing.