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  • Wallander is an idiot detective.

    The detective character has so many personal problems, no wonder he misses so many clues and he has no crime-solving abilities, most evidence gets lost. There is no followup on other characters involved in cases. Quite painful to watch. Feel bad viewers had nothing better to watch for 4 long seasons! The worst Crime, Drama, Mystery TV show as it has no believable storylines, acting is pretty bad sorry to say.
  • Dark and compelling.

    Other reviewers have already praised this series adequately. I only want to add that this series renewed my interest in seeing just about every film or TV presentation that Kenneth Branagh has acted in. He's been in some vehicles that weren't terrific, but he is unfailingly a great actor.

    When you watch Wallander, and you see his eyes begin to well up with tears, or you see him struggling to get an answer to come out of his mouth, you really do forget you are watching an ACTOR. Branagh literally becomes Wallander and you think Wallander is a real person. It is partly the way the character is written, but much of the credit goes to Branagh.

    Wallander is a man who struggles with words, so he is the opposite of Branagh, to whom words are golden. You can tell this from Branagh's interviews as well as from his performances. The visuals in the series are stunning, the plots are interesting, but it is Wallander's complex and troubled personality that really forces one to stay with the series. He's so real, so human. Don't miss it.
  • One of the best shows ever

    Writing, acting, realisation, everything deserves a 10 but there is something more to Wallander. There is something unexplicably touching in this character, maybe the fact that he cannot reach happiness but refuses to give up trying completely. He is just plainly human and touches our humanity.

    Not having had the chance to see Kenneth Branagh on stage, I had never quite understood while he gathered such recognition and neither "Much ado about nothing" nor "Thor" had managed to convinced me. But I undestand now and I am convinced. He is absolutely amazing in this role.
  • excelent

    the best detective serial since nypd blue
  • wallander

    this a one great season to stated out on tv i love this guy he remind me of my self in he streve to be better at his job every day and he dose his job .
  • Want more episodes.

    So I watch it twice. Kenneth B. is fantastic. I hope they keep his character upbeat a little more this season. He deserves a break.
  • The Sweden of the rest of the world - but it works

    In the fine British tradition of Van Der Valk and Bergerac comes another crime series set in a foreign land populated by english speakers and utilising the scenery as another character. This is not to disparage it at all, but it's not a rarity.

    What makes this show compelling is the very Swedishness of it, making it similar but somehow just a little off-kilter for the rest of the world - even if it isn't entirely what Sweden is like. The scenery locations and the sets are beautiful, evocative and lovingly shot with camerawork that makes every image something to hang on the wall.

    But looks aren't everything. The storylines are convoluted, interesting, full of red herrings and clues (sometimes quite subtly placed for a detective series) and enjoyable, with the interplay between the characters and the main - Wallander - very natural.

    Wallander himself, played believably by Branagh, cares too much for the people he's trying to help and hates himself when he fails, and is quite hopeless in his private life. No-one seems to understand his situation, not his family nor his workmates, and it's rare for him to crack a smile. Sure, he's a bit of a depressing character, but something about his wounded, caring detective makes you want to be on his side. Especially as people seem to have a habit of dying in front of him. It shatters him but he pulls together and carries on - this is not the American-style guns blazing, life is cheap type of show.

    The combination then of good cinematography, moody music, believable characters, strong acting and sharp, intelligent writing make this a series that's well worth watching for people who like crime stories and those who like human tales. Just don't expect to come out of it feeling happy.
  • Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander

    I gave this show a 10, only because I feel that Wallander is the only show deserving of it. I know it's a really broad, confident statement, but I'm a fan of all kinds of shows and will try anything once. Kenneth Branagh is fantastic as usual, his ability to become entirely immersed in the character he's playing and make you actually believe he's what he's playing is a gift. He's also extremely rugged and good looking, which helps me as well. You actually do believe he's a separated, struggling detective that is losing touch with reality. Sounds familiar, but this isn't your average American crime drama.

    I know little about Swedish culture, except shopping at Ikea, so I can't say that they've done an accurate job portraying Swedish culture. But they make a great attempt and it fools me, so it goes against the grain in that aspect. Not many crime dramas try to be foreign.

    The dialogue is well written, and well delivered. Everything is subtle and the camera editing and colours are so strong that they usually outshine the actor's dialogue. If I watch another crime drama I just might puke, but I promise you, this is no ordinary crime drama. Give it a try and I promise you won't be let down.