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  • Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander

    I gave this show a 10, only because I feel that Wallander is the only show deserving of it. I know it's a really broad, confident statement, but I'm a fan of all kinds of shows and will try anything once. Kenneth Branagh is fantastic as usual, his ability to become entirely immersed in the character he's playing and make you actually believe he's what he's playing is a gift. He's also extremely rugged and good looking, which helps me as well. You actually do believe he's a separated, struggling detective that is losing touch with reality. Sounds familiar, but this isn't your average American crime drama.

    I know little about Swedish culture, except shopping at Ikea, so I can't say that they've done an accurate job portraying Swedish culture. But they make a great attempt and it fools me, so it goes against the grain in that aspect. Not many crime dramas try to be foreign.

    The dialogue is well written, and well delivered. Everything is subtle and the camera editing and colours are so strong that they usually outshine the actor's dialogue. If I watch another crime drama I just might puke, but I promise you, this is no ordinary crime drama. Give it a try and I promise you won't be let down.