Wally Gator

Season 2 Episode 5

Knight Nut

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1963 on

Episode Recap

Wally is about to go for a dip in his pool when he is abducted by a mad scientist who wants to use him in his experiments. The first experiment sends Wally back to the middle ages where he finds a dragon being chased by a knight. Wally follows the dragon into its cave and the dragon chases him out.

The knight outside mistakes Wally for a shrunken dragon and starts to chase him. The knight gets stuck in a tree but not for long and Wally runs to a castle and puts up the door only to have it smashed in by the knight. Wally puts on some armor to fool the knight but the knight figures out who he is and as he is running, the mad scientist brings him back to the present. The only problem is that the scientist accidentally brought the knight to the present as well and he continues to chase Wally.