Wally Gator

Season 1 Episode 9

Over the Fence is Out

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1962 on

Episode Recap

Wally Gator gets to the point where he wants to go outside the zoo and enjoy the world, but Mr. Twiddles tells him that he can not go outside. Wally paces and tries to think of a way to get out and tries to talk to Mr. Twiddles who is in the office trying to get a nap. Mr. Twiddles tells him to be quiet and Wally thinks that he can just quietly sneak past the office and walk out the gate. He accidentally trips the electric eye and the gate slams shut. Then he tries digging his way out and winds up in the office. Then Wally puts gunpowder in a cast iron stove and tries to blast off out of the zoo but he lands in the office fireplace. He then has Mr. Twiddles mail a letter for him and when a mail man brings the reply, Wally grabs him and puts on his uniform and walks past Mr. Twiddles. Mr. Twiddles thinks that the mail man looked like Wally and goes to check in the cage and sees the mail man tied up. Wally hails a taxi and inside driving the taxi is Mr. Twiddles and he takes him back to the zoo. Wally makes a comment that Mr. Twiddles is old and Mr. Twiddles starts chasing and shooting at Wally for the comment.