Wally Gator

Season 2 Episode 8

Safe at Home

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 1963 on

Episode Recap

A father and his son are visiting the zoo and the father throws pebbles and then a rock at Wally to make him move. Wally gets angry with the man and throws a rock that the man avoids at first, but it curves around and still hits the man in the head. A baseball scout named Dougout Duggan sees this and wants to sign Wally to the Florida Gators, but doesn't know how to sneak Wally out of the zoo.

Wally dresses up like an old lady and Duggan rolls him out of the zoo in a wheelchair. Wally then arrives at the training camp for the Florida Gators and shows the coach how he pitches and the coach is anxious to have him pitch for the team.

The opening game starts and Wally is doing well until he accidentally throws a pitch that goes outside the ballpark and knocks Mr. Twiddle in the head as he is looking for Wally. Mr. Twiddle hops up on the wall to throw the ball back in and he spots Wally. He chases Wally out of the park with a bat and the announcer says that that must be the longest "home run" in history.