Wally Gator

Season 2 Episode 24

The Big Drip

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 1963 on

Episode Recap

Wally is trying to get a nap and a pipe is dripping water and is getting on his nerves. He and Mr. Twiddle arrive at the leak at the same time. Mr. Twiddle wants to call a plumber and Wally says that he can fix the leak himself. He tightens it with a wrench and it starts spraying more water. He then moves down the pipe and tries another connection and moves it and it too starts spraying even more water and this time on Mr. Twiddle. Wally tries finding the shut off valve and pulls up a fire hydrant and now there is even more water pouring in. Mr. Twiddle still wants to call a plumber and Wally says that he can still fix it. He tries again to stop the water and now it is leaking even more. Wally even tries parking a car over the leak but that doesn't work and now the zoo is flooded and Mr. Twiddle signals for the Coast Guard to come to their rescue.
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