Wanda at Large

Season 2 Episode 6

Hurricane Hawkins

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 31, 2003 on FOX

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  • Wanda's mother comes into town and no matter what Wanda does, she is not impressed with her.

    In this episode, we find that Wanda is going out of her way to be impressive to her mother since she has steady employment and a lead role at the station. However, Mrs. Hawkins is more of fan of Bradley over her own daugther and Bradley simply uses this to go against Wanda. In fact, you find them both making jokes about Wanda. We all remember JoMarie Payton from Family Matters and how well she played the mother. Wanda at Large provided Payton another platform to be the mother but allowed her to be a little loose rather than the typical TV mother role. The casting of Payton went well over the mom casted in the first season. I believe if the show lasted longer, Payton would have been given the reoccuring role of Wanda's mom. The dialogue between the two is classic.