Wanda at Large - Season 2

FOX (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • The Plane Trip
    The Plane Trip
    Episode 13
    Opening News Segment: Wanda is mocking the expensive cost of plane travel and decides to pack herself in a trunk and fly cross country. Wanda is dating a doctor whom she thinks is the perfect man until she discovers he has a fear of flying.
  • Only Built for Cuban Wandas
    Bradley comes to blows with a rap mogul, who's a last-minute replacement for the show's scheduled guest, Six Finga Assassin.
  • The Un-Natural
    The Un-Natural
    Episode 11
    Wanda, Jenny and Keith place bets to see who can go out on a date one time only without getting attached. Unfortunately, everyone gets a date that is perfect for them and they have to play it off to win the bet.
  • Twas the Knife Before Christmas
    Wanda and Keith look forward to a Christmas full of drinking and partying that is until Wanda gets stuck with Jenny's kids as she has to have her appendix removed in emergency surgery. Holly gets suspended from school for fighting.
  • Did Wanda Say a Four Letter Word?
    Wanda admits the dreaded "L" word to Bradley, after she reluctantly sees Keith's therapist.
  • Back to the Club
    Back to the Club
    Episode 8
    Wanda returns to stand up after she gets into trouble withe the station manager and is fired from the Beltway Gang.
  • Clowns to the Left of Me
    Wanda does a controversial piece calling out Animal Rights organizations. The activists become furious and demand an apology from Wanda, who in turn is enjoying the publicity. That is until the station management considers firing her due to the bad public relations image that is being project from the incident.
  • Hurricane Hawkins
    Hurricane Hawkins
    Episode 6
    Wanda prepares for a visit from her demanding and overbearing mother, who much to the dismay of Wanda, takes an immediate shine to Bradley.
  • They Shoot Reporters, Don't They?
    Wanda's piece is playing on the Beltway Gang, and as it's ending, Max is furious that Wanda hasn't arrived at work, and thus isn't there to sit on the panel. Viewers love it when she calls in to do the show from her car via cell phone, But later when Wanda shows up on time to do a piece about ATMs, she is just in time to get stuck in the middle of a bank robbery and forced to do some hard-core reporting from the scene, Wanda style.moreless
  • Leave Your Daughter at Home Day
    Holly decides that she would much rather, live with her Aunt Wanda then with Jenny.
  • Bradley Has a Friend
    Wanda is glad when Bradley's longtime best friend, Laven asks her on a date, not because she's particularly attracted to him, but because dating Laven would annoy Bradley. When Wanda and Laven persuade a very reluctant Bradley to visit a strip club with them, Bradley is mortified to be recognized and photographed. With Bradley's job as a respected newscaster in peril, Wanda realizes it's time to change her tactics.moreless
  • Where's Roger?
    Where's Roger?
    Episode 2
    Wanda makes a bad first impression on the new station manager, Max, and tries to reconcile with him by taking him out for drinks. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Max is a recovering alcoholic.
  • The Favor
    The Favor
    Episode 1
    Wanda accepts a challenge from Bradley to get a famous, troubled athlete on her show for an interview. Although Keith doubts Wanda has the ability to accomplish the task, she is intent on proving him wrong. She figures out a foolproof way to get it done, but there's one hitch, she will have to reconnect with her ex-husband, Vincent.moreless