Wanted: Dead or Alive

CBS (ended 1961)





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  • Steve McQueen plays Josh Randall, a bounty hunter in the old West.

    I can remember watching this show as a child. I guess I fell in love with Steve McQueen way back then while watching these episodes. I've looked it up and there were many, many familiar faces who were guess stars on this show. I recently bought the Season 2 DVD set. We sat down one evening and watched about five or six episodes in a row. Wow! Those thirty minute episodes seem to go by so fast. Guess it is because there are no commercials on DVDs. Ha! We have not had a chance to watch the rest of them, but I will get around to it soon.
  • Go get 'em, Steve.

    Wanted: Dead Or Alive featured the weekly adventures of Josh Randall, a bounty hunter. He roamed the Old West, corraling the bad guys that conventional lawman couldn't catch. This brought him into contact with a wide range of characters and situations, and Josh had to use his wits as much as his weapon.

    Speaking of weapons, I don't know exactly what kind of sawed-off firearm Josh was using. All I know is that I'd hate to be on the business end of it.

    During the second season they gave Josh a sidekick to pal around with, but that didn't last long. Josh Randall was born to be a lone wolf, doggedly stalking his prey.
  • Coolest Western on TV

    Steve McQueen had star qualities even in this early show. The show Wanted: Dead or Alive ran on television from 1859-1961. McQueen played bounty-hunter Josh Randall, who carried a sawed-off Winchester repeating rifle nicknamed the Mare's Leg to dispense justice. McQueen made a great anti-hero in this Western, a character he would portray in many films to the coolest extent. If you get a chance to see this show, do not pass it up. It is the quintessential King of Cool that McQueen became. I loved this show even though I was under ten while I was watching it. I loved McQueen in everything he did, even The Blob.
  • A Flawless Classic Indeed!

    It doesn\'t surprise, but saddens me that this show got a mediocre rating. I\'ll bet most of the reviewers were under 30! What turns them on is nudity, profanity, and off-color gutter humor; In other words, they probably loved Roseanne!
    This show, which was Steve McQueens first starring role, was great! Laid back by today\'s standards (but then, so was the Spanish Inquisition) it still had good acting, great story lines, and was a show that everyone could watch, understand, and like. I still remember as a 10 year old thinking how cool a weapon Josh Randall\'s \"Mare\'s Leg\" (a chopped-down 1873 Winchester Rifle) was, and still do, and wish that TV Land orm someone would bring it back on TV. Mediocre indeed! It was Great!