Wanted: Dead or Alive

Season 2 Episode 6

The Hostage

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 1959 on CBS

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  • Josh, Jumbo Kane (a murder), a pretty lady (whose dad is Sheriff), the town's people, and the dead sheriff make for a very good episode find out why in this episode.

    Josh comes to the town to deliver Jumbo Kane, who had escaped from the same jail a while earlier, to the sheriff. He gives him over to the Sheriff who tells him his money isn't ready and should be ready in 2 hours. He goes with a lawyer, who sentenced Jumbo Kane to death and Jumbo threatened to kill, to the saloon. When they are about ready to go in they hear two shots come out of the Sheriff's office. Jumbo Kane has captured the Sheriff, who we actually find out later is dead, and wants a horse and a free ride out of town. The daughter of the sheriff tries to give him the horse but Josh stops her. They try to negotiate him out of the office but he isn't having it. He wants conscious hostage, he says the sheriff is unconscious. The town decides that Josh should be the hostage. He goes in and finds out that the Sheriff in fact is dead. When his daughter asks he tells her he is dead. The daughter says we can't kill Josh; he could have lied and said he was alive to save his own neck but he didn't. The bad guy then knocks Josh out for telling the truth. He tries to make the towns people believe the sheriff is alive. The daughter comes up to check and she is captured. Josh gets the jump on the bad guy and the daughter shoots him dead. He is offered the job of sheriff and doesn't take it. It was a very very good episode. In my opinion, this was best of the series.