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The harsh, unforgiving streets of Los Angeles are the scene of TNT’s original dramatic series WANTED, a gritty, edgy crime thriller that follows a specialized team of law enforcement officers as they track down the city’s 100 most wanted criminals. Gary Cole, Ryan Hurst, Rashida Jones, Benjamin Benitez, singer/musician Josey Scott of the rock group Saliva, Lee Tergesen and Dedee Pfeiffer star in the series. WANTED comes to TNT from Spelling Television, with Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent and series creator Jorge Zamacona serving as executive producers. Mel Efros is the producer, with Jonathan Levin and Louis St. Clair as consulting producers and Tony Palermo as associate producer.

WANTED is a pumping, stylistic, no-holds-barred look at an elite team of crime fighters from various federal and local law enforcement agencies as they track down the city’s 100 most wanted fugitives. The show pulls no punches in its depiction of the team, as creator Zamacona points out. "I spent a lot of time with police officers, and a lot of police officers aren’t written the way they behave. They’re written a little too stiff,” he said. “These guys are vulgar, they’re irreverent, they’re professional and they’re heroic. I want this show to be authentic to the men and women who go out and do the job.”

Each individual officer in WANTED brings something unique to this strike force. Team leader Lt. Conrad Rose (Cole) is from L.A. Metro SWAT and is considered the moral center of the unit. Jimmy McGloin (Hurst) is an ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) officer and a bona fide card-carrying conservative. Carla Merced (Jones) is a former Naval Intelligence officer and one of the best hostage negotiators around. Although she wasn’t hand picked for the team by Rose, after being out in the field with her, the team realizes what a valuable asset she can be. Tommy Rodriquez (Benitez) is from the FBI and not above using his good looks and charm to stop any criminal. Rodney Gronbeck (Scott) is with the LAPD and a technical genius armed with state-of-the-art computer equipment to aid the team in catching the bad guy. Joe Vacco (Brendan Kelly) is a DEA officer who is currently living at the team’s warehouse headquarters after having getting kicked out of his own place. And Eddie Drake (Tergesen), an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Marshal Service and graduate of the L.A. Metro Police Academy, where Rose was his favorite training officer, is recruited after a death in the squad.
At home, Rose is faced with his impending divorce from Lucinda (Pfeiffer). Even though they still love each other, they just can’t live together, which also puts a strain on their two children, older son Tony (Chris J. Kelly) and younger daughter Millie (Pieterse).
As the team tracks down criminals, often using unconventional (and legally questionable) methods, they discover there is a fine line between justice and the law. Every time they go out to get a bad guy, they must walk that line, all in an effort to make Los Angeles a safer place to live for every citizen.


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  • Benjamín Benítez

    Benjamín Benítez

    FBI Special Agent Tommy Rodriguez

    Gary Cole

    Gary Cole

    Lieutenant Conrad Rose

    Ryan Hurst (I)

    Ryan Hurst (I)

    ATF Field Agent Jimmy McGloin

    Rashida Jones

    Rashida Jones

    Detective Carla Merced

    Dedee Pfeiffer

    Dedee Pfeiffer

    Lucinda Rose

    Josey Scott

    Josey Scott

    Officer Rodney Gronbeck

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    • Wanted more...

      I really liked this show, I'll say as the other reviews: They made the bad guys really bad not the kind you see in other shows where the bad guys always have a "good" side...

      Too bad they desided to end this great show. The only cop show that can compare with this show is "The Sheild"

      Hope they deside to make new episodes.
    • Show should've never been cancelled...!!!! What were they thinking...!!!????

      Awesome character's and plot or setup of show. The actors were perfect for their roles... Kudos to the casting crew....! Bring the show back...!! Let's at least get some dvd's made of the one season they did have...! At least til they get the cast back & get back to production....!! The way the show was setup was one of the best ideas i've ever seen on a tv series. As far as the language goes, who cares, you hear that everyday. I think it should've been even more raw than that. It would have made the reality of what they had to deal with more intense...! Awesome show. Now they're trying to copy it with a show called dark blue or something like that. It won't even come close....!moreless
    • This was such a great show. They never should have canceled it.

      I loved this show. The pace was so quick and so intriguing. I couldn't help but to get completely engrossed in every episode. And then HAD to see what happened the next week. There are many times in which I forget about watching a given show each week, but this was one show that was so amazing, that I was there for each one, ready when it started. I doubt that they'll bring it back after this long, but I totally think that they should. Most likely bringing it back now would lose some of the integrity though, because it has been so long, many people will have forgotten about the show, or they may not be able to get all of the actors back. And some of them were such that with a different actor in that spot, there is no way that the show would work the same way.moreless
    • 100 Worst Criminals, One Elite Force! Wanted focuses on an inter-departmental government task force assigned to hunt down and apprehend the top 100 fugitives wanted by various law enforcement agencies. They find the ones others can't.moreless

      Here is the perfect example of a show that was canceled way too soon! This series showed how exciting and action-packed a show could be, while keeping things a lot cleaner than "The Shield" for instance. Most if not all the violence and sexuality here is only innuendo and left mostly to the imagination of the viewer, not thrown in your face. "Wanted" also featured some of the best characters ever created for a police drama series, backed up by some of the best performances on TV today. The character of agent Jimmy McGloin, with his conflicted beliefs in God and his duty, was just beginning to be explored, and in my humble opinion, was good enough to warrant Ryan Hurst getting his own series! Lee Tergesen's character was also very intriguing and was seamlessly integrated into the cast after one team member was killed in the pilot episode. Talk about starting off with a bang! Then there's Gary Cole, veteran actor and leader of our little "Wild Bunch". I think this was his best performance next to his role in "American Gothic". Even the least experienced actor in the cast, Saliva front man Josey Scott, was completely believable and a perfect fit for the character. Then, in the "last" episode, "Judas", we are left hanging, dying to find out what will become of the team and it's members, now that one of them has decided to turn on the others! Sadly, we will never know the answer and must instead be left to mull it over in our minds forever. Thanks alot TNT programming executives! First you cancel a first rate show with great writing and great acting, then you hold onto it for dear life, refusing to let another network pick it up and not at the very least letting the fans have a dvd set of it! How frustrating! I am in the process of trying to collect all of the episodes on dvd, but it would really be helpful if TNT would at least show the series over again in reruns late at night or something! I guess they just don't want fans of the show to even be able to record the reruns. I guess I will just have to resign myself to the facts, and add this to my long and growing list of favorite shows that died an all too premature death.moreless
    • a crack team of specialists go after a LIST of wanted Criminals.

      This show was very underrated, it's a sham it went by the way side and followed the same fate and favorites like, Firefly and Keen Eddie and Saved. Sighting Low ratings becuase studios don't want to listen to their views, in stead they just put out show that are destined to fail.

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