Season 1 Episode 10

Lips are Lips

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2005 on TNT
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Lips are Lips
The Fugitive Task Force becomes involved in the manhunt for a serial killer who targets gay men.

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  • It is a wonder why they cancelled the show when in this episode especially showed promise besides all other cops shows or movies. I am a Law and Order fan but this episode top all others in this type of psycho killer of gay men.moreless

    I know ppl can be tired of cops shows and what is in them all. I grew up watching "CHIPS", "HILL STREET BLUES", "CAGNY AND LACY","QUINCY" type shows okay Im old . YOu get the picture.

    How times have changed over the shows not just the fads and the hair . There seems to alot of subjects noone was at the time would discuss except the cops, morgue ppl , judges or social,child workers or the families that knew of someone who was so beaten as a child and grew up killing other ppl.

    I loved how at the end the guy holds jimmy's cross and listens to him pray over him and says,"This ishow it feels."

    The knowledge of these subjects is now out there and average joes can understand it some so, now shows like this can be put out without causing what would of been chaos.

    Seeing as this is american made show it is always chaos in that country,eh.

Benjamín Benítez

Benjamín Benítez

FBI Special Agent Tommy Rodriguez

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Lieutenant Conrad Rose

Josey Scott

Josey Scott

Officer Rodney Gronbeck

Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

U.S. Marshal Eddie Drake

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

Detective Carla Merced

Ryan Hurst (I)

Ryan Hurst (I)

ATF Field Agent Jimmy McGloin

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo

Gordon Bianco

Guest Star

Alan Loayza

Alan Loayza


Guest Star

Alexis Arquette

Alexis Arquette


Guest Star

Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida

Manuel Valenza

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the mug shot at the hospital, Rose shows Preston a picture labeled Brett Bianco, but in the wanted posters his name is given as Gordon Bianco. Brett is supposed to be the father's name.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Conrad: If I didn't know better, I'd say you were dying. I know who you are and I know what you are. You and me both know your sins, don't we?! Remember those innocent eyes that saw you with all those men, you couldn't stand that, could you? Your son's innocent eyes looking back at you. So you beat him till he broke. You burnt him until he bled and you raped him till he cried. You know he killed four people?! You know he raped and tortured them. Monster. That's what everyone calls him. Which, is true, because monsters are created. So congratulations on your life's work. Your son is dead, Mr Bianco. He was on his way here to kill you and I stopped him. I wish I could have that one back! (Heart monitor machine, beeps several times and then sounds a flatline)
      Nurse: Mr Bianco!?!
      Conrad: Don't bother.

    • Jimmy: Four years ago having a couple of drinks with my buddies down in Santa Monica. Around midnight I go out for a pack of smokes. Three days later I wake up in a bed in Orange County covered in piss and shit, which was not mine. There's was a naked woman on one side of me, a naked man on the other and I have absolutely no idea how I got there or of anything in between.
      So I wiped myself off. I went outside and looked up and I said; God help me, and he did. And ever since that day I do what he says, no questions asked and that's how I stay squared with the world.

    • (Jimmy and Eddie enter a men's WC with guns drawn)
      Jimmy: (At man relieving himself) Shut it off and get out.

    • (Conrad watching Eddie on hostipal surveillance cameras)
      Conrad: (Over a walkie talkie) It might help you spot our fugitive if you're not staring at ass.
      (Eddie surreptitiously gives him the finger)

    • Captain Valenza: Connie, the city is going to call in the FBI.
      Conrad: Christ thats' all I need! A sea of suits and raybans, yammering about key motivators and proclivity to strike again. No, I'll find him.

    • Conrad: Who's the guy in the car?
      Captain Valenza: The killer.
      Conrad: Come again?!
      Captain Valenza: Came here with this guy he met at a bar. This guy started acting weird. Then he thought he was Bianco and about to get his dick cut off. So he pulled his forty-five and shot him.

    • Eddie: Check out that guy in the blue leather pants, Thing is before he left the house tonight, he looked in the mirror and thought to himself yeah, in these blue leather pants I look smoking hot. Unbelievable!
      Conrad: (With smirk on his face) Do you get itchy around alternative lifestyles?
      Eddie: I am an alternative lifestyle and heh, lips are lips.
      (They both laugh)

    • Conrad: (To Sheriff Reid) By the way, you hit him, you hit me. And then we hit back.

    • Eddie: So he is supporting his family while vandalizing ass in the psych ward. I mean, where do I sign up for that?
      Rodney: You're not a very loving and forgiving person are you?
      Eddie: Now wait a minute, why'd you say that?
      strong>Rodney: It's just a hunch!
      Eddie: This shithead will probably sell his memoirs and make a goddamn fortune.

    • (Conrad and Jimmy enter the autopsy room, at the medical examiner's office.)
      Conrad: You rang Elvira?
      Medical Examiner: Lieutenant, we're having sushi for lunch. You wanna put in an order?
      Conrad: Nah, just some raw burger will be fine!

    • Conrad: While he was in jail, he was suspected of raping nine other inmates using various foreign objects.
      (Brief flashback clip of the precursor to one of the prison rapes)
      Conrad: Broom handles, soup ladels, forks, hashbrowns. You name it.
      Eddie: Makes the phrase, 'pack lunch' a little dirtier, done-nit! (Eddie sniggers)
      Carla: You make Turrets look like a headache.
      Eddie: What?!
      Jimmy: You're intolerable, own it!

    • (Back inside the scene of the crime, the medical examiner takes a closer look at the victims wounds)
      Medical Examiner: Stabbed about a hundred times. Definitely premortum. Ain't torture grand?! Legs are broken, both hands are crushed.
      Eddie: So its not a suicide!?
      (Conrad, Jimmy and the medical examiner give Eddie an incredulous stare)
      Carla: (To Conrad) What are you thinking?
      Conrad: Castration, torture, exotic pose, I've seen this before.

    • (A worried looking Eddie turns up to see the team being treated by a paramedic)
      Connie: Relax, we just got doused with some of the victims blood and had to get flushed out. Sorry to drag your ass outta bed.
      Eddie: I.... I've not been to bed.
      Carla: Woah, we don't need to know!
      Eddie: You keep telling yourself that.
      (Carla gives Eddie a horrid disgust filled stare)

    • Carla: Relax Jimmy. HIV is a fragile virus. You can wipe out with your spit once its outside the body.
      Jimmy: Oh really. Last time I checked you couldn't cure an AIDS patient by spitting on 'em. Ever see somebody die of AIDS?!
      Paramedic: She's right! Some cops all the time get knuckled up, jabbed with junkie needles. Unless its blood to blood or a sex act, you're probably okay.
      Jimmy: (At medic) Did I ask you?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: December 10, 2007 on Veronica

    • Alexis Arquette is the sibling of the famous actors David, Rosanna, and Patricia Arquette. He recently underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman, explaining why his character on this show is female.

    • Kristin Rohde starred as twisted Officer Claire Howell on HBO's Oz, and Wanted's series creator Jorge Zamacona was a supervising producer on Oz.


    • Conrad: You rang Elvira?

      Referencing "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," a horror hostess portrayed by Cassandra Peterson in the 1988 film comedy film directed by James Signorelli.