Season 1 Episode 10

Lips are Lips

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2005 on TNT

Episode Recap

The episode is framed with a flashback to a man chasing a young boy across a landing. He whips his belt from his waist and shouts "Come her you little, fagot. I'm going to kill you." Before running off screen.

Back in the present day or rather night. A report of an assault in progress is transmitted by the police dispatcher. On hearing the address (2252 Shepards Street) is a block away, Connie responds and asks if the police department would mind if they took a look. The dispatcher obliges them.

On arriving at the scene, Connie, Carla and Jimmy are greeted by a frightened lady holding a feline dog in her arms. She points them in the direction of an industrial building and tells them she heard screaming. Connie tells her to wait there, while they go to take a look. With guns drawn and flashlights on, they move through the building until they feel the light splashing of liquid against their bodies and faces. Jimmy makes a guess that it is blood. Not until Connie turns on the light switch, that they see a naked mutilated man siting aside a rotating industrial ceiling fan.

With the scene secure, they are tested for any diseases by a paramedic. Jimmy freaks out that he might catch something, despite Carla and the medics reassurances. Eddie turns up. Connie apologies for getting out of bed. Eddie makes a remark about not yet going to sleep, which Carla finds disgusting. Connie bumps up the perpretrator of this crime to be at the top of the fugitive list. From out of the dark an over friendly, yet mildly annoying medical examiner, Ruth Leransky, makes a quip about the team. Connie knows her and introduces her to the rest of the team. They head back inside to the crime scene, where the M.E. gives the team a breakdown of the injuries the victim sustained. Connie recognizes the M.O. of the perpatrator and tells the team to meet up at the team's base tomorrow morning.

Next morning, Connie updates the team with the details of their lead suspect - Gordon Bianco. He went underground a year ago after the apparent murder of his teacher and lover. The cold case was a joint operation by the Sheriff's homicide and LAPD robbery homicide departments. Since then he has leapt from being on the list of top 100 wanted fugitives to the top 10. As details of his signature were never released, Connie doesn't believe the murder last night could be a copycat. Details of his first act of lewd and verciferous conduct with a minor lead to a video of the interrogation over the arrest of his ex-teacher/lover at seventeen. We also learn about his brief stint in jail and the allegations that he was responsible for nine inmates being raped by various foreign objects. He was released because a witness recanted. The witness was then found dead later. He kills everyone in his path, so Connie expects the body count to rise. Connie then delegates orders for the team to begin to follow up their lists of leads. Rodney flags a case from the list of rapes where the assailant's description matches that of Bianco. Connie and Jimmy take it.

At Harbour Hospital, Connie meets Captain Valenza outside the victim room, who brings him up to speed on the circumstances of the attack. Connie goes in alone to speak to him and find the vic in bad shape. Discovers that the perpatrator calls himself Dale. As the victim recounts the events of the attack, he realises that he should be dead. Connie just stares back unable to say anything. A worried Captain asks Connie if he needs anythig. Connie picks up the politcal pressure that is behind the Captain's offer.

At the M.E.'s office, the M.E. tells Connie what she has discovered. That the first victim was a clubber and that the recovered DNA and saliva match their suspect. A tattoo provides a new twist, as it belongs to members of the 82nd Sheiff's divsion. Implying that the victim was a cop.

Rod and Eddie arrive at an adderess where Bianco last sent his prison employment cheques. It was Bianco's parent's house. They knock on the door and identify themselves. After getting no answer, Rodney kicks the door in and they enter guns drawn. A brief search of the house reveals nothing, but a noise alerts the guys to a wall closet. They open the door to discover a group of people with grins on their faces cowering in the dark. In another part of the city, Carla and Tommy are driving to the prison where Bianco was briefly kept. She is going over his rap sheet, trying to build a profile. Eddie calls Connie to tell them they didn't find anyone pertinent to the investigation, but arrested a number of crack users. In prison, Carla and Tommy question an inmate who was alledgedly assaulted by Bianco. He points them to "Paula", Bianco's room-mate, who informs them of the plight he faced and hints at the cause of the Bianco's explosive anger.

Connie and Jimmy speak to one of the dead sheriff's colleagues. Who is also gay. Jimmy and the sheriff (Reid) get off on the wrong foot, but the sheriff agrees to help them track down Bianco.

The action switches to the inside of a gay bar, where Gordon Bianco attracts a gay man and is picked up. As they go to a backroom, Gordon stops, lifts up his leg to tie his shoelaces. Only to reveal a knife in his boot. Elsewhere, the team is staking out various gay nightspots. Jimmy and Reid continue their conversation about God, religion and gays. During the conversation, Jimmy sees a suspicious man wearing a hoodie make a beeline for one of the gay clubber. He is joined by another two men who start beating the gay man up. Jimmy calls for back up and the team arrest the trio, who are out gaybashing and not connected to Bianco. Connie wants them arrested on federal hate-crime charges to send out a strong signal. They call it a day.

The next day Connie arrives at another gay oriented crime scene. The captain explains that even though this wasnt the work of Bianco, members of the gay community are getting restless and resorting to viglantism. With the rise of escalation very real, the Captain tells Connie that its only a matter of time before the FBI is called in. Connie isnt very impressed, but reiterates his promise to get the culprit before they are called.

Connie returns to base to review more tapes of Bianco in jail, in the hope of gleening some clue. He realises that Bianco is being enraged to commit the crimes. That his father's molestations causes him to react in the way he does and that he may not be gay. He also realises that the methods they have been using wont work, as he has learnt how to kill and evade capture while he was in prison.

Carla visits Bianco's sister, who is drunk. She paints a converse picture, of growing up with her brother. That their dad didnt abuse Gordon and that their father was afraid of his son. At the base, as Jimmy takes down some notes on a lead, he and Eddie have an argument over Jimmy's apparent homophobia.

We learn that Eddie has a gay brother. Rodney makes an electronic connection to Bianco's computer. Seeing that he has accessed several gay sex sites. While also trying to discover the location of his father.

Connie calls Carla to get her to ask if the sister can make any connection to San Pedro. She does, telling them that their father has a boat moored at a dock. Connie suspects that, this is the place where Bianco is going to find his dad. As Carla leaves, in disgust she smacks the glass of wine from the hand of Bianco's sister.

Eddie and Connie arrive at the dock to find no sign of Bianco Sr. A woman neighbour tells them that Brett Bianco was taken to the local hospital because of health complications. Another sequences of flashbacks reveal that Gordon Bianco was traumatised by seeing his dad in bed with another man.

Gordon is already at the hospital and practices pulling out his knife and the way he will greet his father. Outside Connie gets Rodney to cover external cameras, while the rest of the team wait inside, in the waiting area. Carla dresses up as a nurse. While Connie takes position in the security office and watches the camera feeds.

As visiting hours are about to end, Carla tells Connie, who gets Jimmy and Eddie to start searching the rest of the hospital ward, room by room. As they are about to finish checking one of the supply rooms a nurse walks in and screams in shock. Bianco takes advantage of the brief lapse in concentration and barge Jimmy and Eddie over, before running out the door. The team loses sight of him for a moment. Rodney eventually sees him in the carpark, getting on a yellow motorcycle. Jimmy and Connie make it to the level, get in a car and purse Bianco. Connie has Rodney raise the barriers further down. A few seconds of chase, and Jimmy and Connie find the bike on the deck of a lower level. No sign of Bianco. They get out and check the area. Connie spots Bianco bleeding on a dumpster several levels below. Both of them go down to his body. As Jimmy walks right up to Bianco, Bianco grabs Jimmy's crucific and holds it in his bloodied hand. Feeling something for the suspect, and to Connies disbelief, Jimmy grabs Bianco's hand and offers a prayer to God. Some sort of last rights.

Bianco dies clutching the cross.

Later at a bar, Jimmy wipes the blood from his crucifix and finishes his debate with the gay sheriff. We learn why Jimmy has become so ingrained in God, religion and the bible.

Connie then visits the dying Brett Bianco and tells him that he knows who the true monster is. That he is to feel proud, for the death's his son has caused.

Just a Connie finishes, Brett Bianco heart monitor sounds an alarm. Connie leaves telling the attending nurse not to bother saving him.