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  • Wanted more...

    I really liked this show, I'll say as the other reviews: They made the bad guys really bad not the kind you see in other shows where the bad guys always have a "good" side...
    Too bad they desided to end this great show. The only cop show that can compare with this show is "The Sheild"

    Hope they deside to make new episodes.
  • Show should've never been cancelled...!!!! What were they thinking...!!!????

    Awesome character's and plot or setup of show. The actors were perfect for their roles... Kudos to the casting crew....! Bring the show back...!! Let's at least get some dvd's made of the one season they did have...! At least til they get the cast back & get back to production....!! The way the show was setup was one of the best ideas i've ever seen on a tv series. As far as the language goes, who cares, you hear that everyday. I think it should've been even more raw than that. It would have made the reality of what they had to deal with more intense...! Awesome show. Now they're trying to copy it with a show called dark blue or something like that. It won't even come close....!
  • This was such a great show. They never should have canceled it.

    I loved this show. The pace was so quick and so intriguing. I couldn't help but to get completely engrossed in every episode. And then HAD to see what happened the next week. There are many times in which I forget about watching a given show each week, but this was one show that was so amazing, that I was there for each one, ready when it started. I doubt that they'll bring it back after this long, but I totally think that they should. Most likely bringing it back now would lose some of the integrity though, because it has been so long, many people will have forgotten about the show, or they may not be able to get all of the actors back. And some of them were such that with a different actor in that spot, there is no way that the show would work the same way.
  • 100 Worst Criminals, One Elite Force! Wanted focuses on an inter-departmental government task force assigned to hunt down and apprehend the top 100 fugitives wanted by various law enforcement agencies. They find the ones others can't.

    Here is the perfect example of a show that was canceled way too soon! This series showed how exciting and action-packed a show could be, while keeping things a lot cleaner than "The Shield" for instance. Most if not all the violence and sexuality here is only innuendo and left mostly to the imagination of the viewer, not thrown in your face. "Wanted" also featured some of the best characters ever created for a police drama series, backed up by some of the best performances on TV today. The character of agent Jimmy McGloin, with his conflicted beliefs in God and his duty, was just beginning to be explored, and in my humble opinion, was good enough to warrant Ryan Hurst getting his own series! Lee Tergesen's character was also very intriguing and was seamlessly integrated into the cast after one team member was killed in the pilot episode. Talk about starting off with a bang! Then there's Gary Cole, veteran actor and leader of our little "Wild Bunch". I think this was his best performance next to his role in "American Gothic". Even the least experienced actor in the cast, Saliva front man Josey Scott, was completely believable and a perfect fit for the character. Then, in the "last" episode, "Judas", we are left hanging, dying to find out what will become of the team and it's members, now that one of them has decided to turn on the others! Sadly, we will never know the answer and must instead be left to mull it over in our minds forever. Thanks alot TNT programming executives! First you cancel a first rate show with great writing and great acting, then you hold onto it for dear life, refusing to let another network pick it up and not at the very least letting the fans have a dvd set of it! How frustrating! I am in the process of trying to collect all of the episodes on dvd, but it would really be helpful if TNT would at least show the series over again in reruns late at night or something! I guess they just don't want fans of the show to even be able to record the reruns. I guess I will just have to resign myself to the facts, and add this to my long and growing list of favorite shows that died an all too premature death.
  • a crack team of specialists go after a LIST of wanted Criminals.

    This show was very underrated, it's a sham it went by the way side and followed the same fate and favorites like, Firefly and Keen Eddie and Saved. Sighting Low ratings becuase studios don't want to listen to their views, in stead they just put out show that are destined to fail.
  • this show was awesome!!!! who in their right mind would cancel this show but leave shows on like \\\"my name is earl\\\" come on get real people!!! we finally get good shows on tv and they cancel them...do we as viewers NOT matter or what

    this show is awesome!!! always kept me at the edge of my seat...i never wanted it to end. truely a WONDERFUL break from most of the crappy \\\"reality\\\" tv shows that are on now...we need to bring this show back......the rest of this is just me tryin to kill 100 words because i can\\\'t really think of that many for a review on any show...that\\\'s not to say that i don\\\'t like the show because i do and am very angry with the network execs for being stupid and completely out of their minds of cancelling this show when i can think of about 40 that should be cancelled but AREN\\\'T!!!!!!!!!
  • gary cole, lee tergensen, ryan hurst and joaquim de almeida are my favorite characters in the series. i related with them easely

    another good gary cole show cancelled, it's a curse, a pity that the best shows are off, like deadwood. the show is strong, original,very mature, good acting,directing and writing i hope that the last word is not takeand the series return, like jag. every character has a background that identifies him/ her, the general plot has a continuity and support and nobody is infallible, totally good, bad or inmortal. the cable is a excelent network to tell this kind of stories, in the format of tv series or miniseries with adult an realitic themes like wanted, deadwood, angels in america, empire falls, rome, etc.

  • i know there are a billion cop shows on tv but this one was truly great. the characters were real and relatable and every time you watch it you dont want the episode to end.

    this show is so out of left feild that you love it. it is like no other police drama on tv. it is a total suprise, usually you can predict what will happen on some shows but his one is always throwing you for a loop. it is an intense, exciting, and addicting ride. the characters make a connection with the audience. they are all coming from different backgrounds and have a new fresh eye that they bring to the cases they are working. the utterly sarcastic things that connie says make you laugh, but even under his touh exterior you know he cares about the safty of his team and family. and plus i need it to come back so jimmy and that chick on the team can hook up. he is soo freakin cute and she is tough...it ould be so awesome if they wrre together....lol. join the club....ask for WANTED to be restored to the air waves...it is great!!!
  • This is one of the best shows of the season! Makes you interested in cable television again! Bring it back!

    This show had a great cast and great story. We need to see that there are people getting together going after the bad guys. Bring back this show, it is one of my favorites!!!! The action, drama and suspense of this show made you tune in every night. It was up against some tough contenders on Sunday, then Monday nights. I enjoyed the reckless yet effective leadership of their boss. He got the job done and everyone went home satisfied. I also enjoyed seeing the Christian character struggle with his morales in what was right and wrong. Also Josey Scott rules!
  • loved it really truly loved it

    I loved the show. Then tnt went and canceled it(and i know longer watch the channel). Wanted was the perfect portrayal of how the world is today. It lets people know that science isn't the only thing that solves a crime. The show got down and dirty, unlike the other cop shows. The charaters were nicely planned ranging from the divorced leader having ex-spouse problems,to the smart-mouthed women who dosen't take no for an answer. This show was the best one tnt has made so far and i'm really unhappy to heard it's canceled( was in a very angry mood). I hope tnt will come to their senses and relise their mistake.
  • This show has each cast member coming from a very different home life to make a team. A great team of detectives & police.

    I really enjoy this show as it shows all sides of the force getting the really bad guys and using different forces to capture them. I hope for this show to last a long time. Cancelling this show was a huge disappointment and falls aside in the pile of great shows but not good enough to beat out reality garbage.
  • With the garbage that is passing for tv now, I can\'t believe that Wanted was cancelled. I guess it really doesn\'t matter what the viewing public wants, does it.

    The show was raw, but it was well done, well scripted, and I really enjoyed it. The show was gripping, the acting was right on target and the action kept me interested and sitting in my chair through to the end. Yet another good show down the drain to be replaced by the inane pap that's being promited on prime time tv today. Give me this kind of drama any time.
  • Action fueled

    I don\'t know why It got the axe, but \'Wanted\' was a great show, one of the best cops shows out there. Even the theme song was terrific! What are these tv networks doing? Don\'t they know great tv when they see it? Terribly terribly under aprreciate. I just hope they don't cancel The Closer next.
  • It is a mature show and there are real or worse ppl like that out there. It would not let my kids watch it at the sametime let them know it is real. You cannot please everyone.

    I give it a great review and hope that us here in Canada will get in on dvd,eh.!!!!!!!
    I wish there were other ways to improve it and expand it abroad not just in L.A. ,eh.
    There is so much to each characters and is rare to have all of the D.E.A, F.B.I. and all the rest in under one roof.
    How can anyone get along in this world anyway,eh?
  • It's not that Wanted is a bad show - - but there are SO MUCH better shows on TV right now.


    A show about.... what, really?
    A "Special unit" trying to arrest "wanted criminals"?


    They don't even bother telling us where the intel. came from... Shoot first, ask questions later.
    Even the "really special secret former navy female specialist" (who is, coincidentally VERY good looking), who tells us nothing about her past (so it leaves her as shallow as her good looks) does not contribute to the show's shallow surface.

    It's just another action show camouflaged as a would-be interesting show. But it isn't, really!

    I get it, sometimes it's interesting and sometime it's even a bit intense, but those are only moments.

    This show's a complete waste of time.

    The only good thing I have to say about the show is that Ryan hurst is doing one helluva job playing a christian -- yet hot tempered -- police officer. He's the only ray of light this show has...
  • Wow after gazillions of TV cop series... this one rocks just leave your brains at the door and enjoy

    the summary sums it up

    its cliche ; the divorced rugged unsubordinated cop the loose caboose cowboy old time friend(slept with his wife)enduring a love hate relationship,one hispanic (probably gay stay tuned)the black chic taking no sh!t .and not to forget the born again christian virgin 6.7 260lbs farmboy

    pick and choose

    1 hour format

    cat and mice game between fugitives and task force

    fine sub-plots...

    Dont learn much stuff on here But its good

    like a good steak diner

    Liked the fact that they killed one of the cast memeber right in the begining of the series ep 2 i think

    thats what got me really into it

    if theyre willing to kill one of their own right off the bat what could they possibly have in store for us i have to keep tuning in 10/10

    ps: vegans and other veggies luvers stay away!!
  • I love this show. It really shows that police not only work but have a life too. They don't get to go to work and just forget about home life. Wow, right on the money. I love the actors. What a great job.

    How can anyone say that this show is a complete waste. You must be cop haters, or just trouble yourself. God what is this country coming too.
    A real show that portrays not only police that have to go to work and deal with real life issues, but how they cope with it at home.
    Come on America wake up. Being a cop is one of the most honarable jobs that there is. All of the shows these days want to make police out to be bad. This show actually shows what their life is about.
    Complete waste of time? Are you serious. Wake up!

    Ryan Hurst is the bomb!
  • Wanted is one of the best new shows out there today. It deals with some of the most outrayjust crimes that other shows won't touch. I'll pray that it comes back next season.

    I love this show very much. I wish that it would have been on every week like all the rest of the shows. I also wish they wouldn't keep ending the show every couple of weeks. Other then that stuff, it is a top notch show. All the actors in it are great. I like that they show some sex and volience and are not afraid to kill some of their main chareters right in the first show. It's hard hitting and has lots of drama. Hopefully it comes back for several more seasons with the same cast. The last show was great because one of the guys turned on them. Pray it comes back next season.
  • Not afraid of reality. Not much political correctness going on here.

    This is a great show! Political correctness has very little influence on this show.

    Watching other cop shows, one would think that African Americans, or other minorities never commit any crimes, are always innocent when they are jailed, etc, etc. But Wanted shows real life. White people, African Americans, Hispanics, Koreans; all races have those who break the law. And all are portrayed inthis show.

    Don't get me wrong, it's great that shows are trying to to ONLY portray minorities as criminals. But what started out as good intentioned, has become fantasy in that almost NONE of the criminals on the network shows are ever minorities.

    Wanted is the way I WISH the Police protecting my home town worked. I'm not afraid of my civil rights being violated, because I don't plan on committing any crimes.
  • Renegade cops on a very long leash. LA bad guys better watch out. It's not that they never heard of the Bill of Rights, they just walk over it, through it, around it or just plain throw it aside.

    They may look like a rag tag bunch of burned out cops but they cut through the s--- and collar the bad guys. Most of the cops seem to live right on the edge of sanity, personal and professionsl problems keeping stress levels high.

    Sometimes it's a good feeling to see the bad guy get busted and not see those damned civil rights get in the way for a change. It's certainly not reality. Maybe that's why the writers feel that the "bold" language is so necessary. They make locker room talk sounds like Sunday school.
  • This is a good show, with a somewhat independent feel to it. average writing and character interaction, but a steady stream of X-Oz actors.

    Though, admittedly, there are times when cast and character interaction isn't the greatest on TV, the overall feel of the show, the idea for the show, and even character development on the show was really fun and entertaining to watch. It also didn't feel Hollywood nearly as much as other shows of the same genre. When I first seen previews I was reluctant to watch it, but it actually is a really good show overall and worth following. On the other hand... there is a definite Hollywood feel to some of the acting and writing but it's not that bad compared to the over all entertainment value of the show.
    Worst part of this show is the unbalanced character interaction, almost as though the writers don't really understand people enough to get it right.
  • This is a show that presents the ugly elements of our society. Good story lines.

    I think that the story lines are good. Please have the producer/director instruct the cameraman to halt all of the camera play. The camera was focusing on a partial face, an arm or other things in the frame that were not necessary. Last night we had to turn it off because of all the camera jiggling. It got on our nerves.
  • I am looking forward to the return of Wanted.

    Wanted is a very unique look at the world. This is a show that takes risks. I like the attitude of the show, which is do whatever it takes to get your fugitive. I like the idea that the good guys win....

    I love Gary Cole and he plays a wonderful cop and hero. I am very happy to have him back on television in a strong role.

    I had never seen Lee in other series, but I am enjoying him and his character. He is a gifted actor.

    This is an adult show with adult themes. I would not let my kids watch it, it is a pleasurable way to spend an hour.
  • I love this show, Its so cool. Its so orginal and unqiue, it;s not like anything out there. I espally love the characters. lee tergsen character is funny as ever, he is so cool. Gary character is a smartass man thats like mess with me and watch what happe

    I love this show, Its so cool. Its so orginal and unqiue, it;s not like anything out there. I espally love the characters. lee tergsen character is funny as ever, he is so cool.Gary character is a smartass man thats like mess with me and watch what happens. This show rocks.
  • i really enjoyed this show and was wanting to know when TNT was bring this great show back on tv.I was a regular watcher every week and has been really disappointing not to have it on sunda nights,i have given up watchin tv on sunday nights.

    One of the greatest new cops shows on tv.Sunday nights have not been the same since it has been off.Will this show be coming back on air...I really want wanted brought back on tv soon,sunday nights are boring since its been off the air.will someone please let us viewers know if its coming back.
  • what happened to wanted

    what happened to this show, watched the first one, and never came back on, i was hooked, such a great show, bring it back to me please, loved all the guys in it. please bring it back miss it, wanted: the show to come back on, was it canceled.let me know
  • HELP! I worked on this show but do not know which episode in which i appear...HELP ME VIEWERS!

    A few months ago, I received a booking on \"Wanted\" to be the featured dead body of the episode.

    I was put in a dumpster (no worries it was an imaculate prop dumpster)

    I was dressed in a plaid shirt and kakhis - although I was fairly covered in blood. I was layed on my stomach with my head turned as far as possible in order to still see my face.

    In the scene The lead cop (Gary Cole) and Capt. Manuel Valenza (Joaquim de Almeida) stood over the dumpster look at me (and further down the alley is my killer in a cop car...they mention \"he came back\"). Essentially what their dialog is that \"he thought this guy (me) was bianco and he thought he was going to get his dicked cut (bit?) off...so he pulled his gun and killed him...

    Anyone know which epiosde this might be?

    jesse daly
  • A cop show that does two things at the same time that would normally take two different dramas to do: develop the characters, while at the same time taking the police work seriously.

    This new drama builds on the NYPD Blue formula; develop the characters. But it also takes the police work seriously; you can see the character\'s desperate hold on a shared professionalism while at the same time showing their personal motivations. Their combined differences make for a strong and loyal team, that comes across as believable.
  • wanted is on of the best cop shows out there they brought in goverments agents from each division and from diffrent backrounds to track people from the top 100 list too trust each other is such a good acclomplishment watch and u wont be disappointedi hope

    great show one of the best cop shows for the season and it is non stop from start to end if is just 1 awesome show u dont wanna miss if u like americas most wanted and cop shows this is one of the shows for you to watch keep it on the air
  • I'm feelin' this show! Hope TNT will greenlight a second season.

    The show at first you might think, 'man, we don't need another Shield show' and I for one luv the shield. Personally, I'm addicted to any cop show but 'Wanted' has a certain feel to it I luv the idea of a bounty hunter show but it needs to be a lil'more edgier and grittier to give it that low life atmosphere that it requires u know.

    Luv the show has great potential to be a great show!

    Man, how many cop shows can there be; lawyers, detectives, forensics, police officers, swat, bounty hunters, corrupt cops and prisoner shows. The law enforcements shows are prett much over done.
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