Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2005 on TNT
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The team searches for a gangster who is trying to combine all of South Central's gangs by killing off his rivals so he can gain control of the drug trade. Also, Connie and his ex-wife deal with a very important issue.

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  • An amazing example of dialogue and action. Combining together to provide 45 minutes of exceptional entertainment.

    Without a doubt (in my mind) this is my favourite episode. At its heart is a chase-driven plot that threatens to see Suspect 95, unite all of the gangs of South Central L.A.

    Scene of pulsating action flip into scenes of lean character-filled dialogue that bring real human traits of the characters in the story. Done in such a seamless way, it never detracts from viewing pleasure. Both elements are punchy, cocky, sarcastic, in-your-face, witty, cameraderie-filled and more. The scenes with Carsh's sister (the witch) and Eddie has some hilarious lines.

    The whole fabric of the show can be seen in this excellent example, of this short-lived show. The team dynamics, inter-agency co-operation (and problems), a notorious gang leader with a ruthless streak all adds up to non-stop enjoyment. It goes to show what could have been the natural successor to The Shield.

    I loved the mix of action and script in this episode and often found myself laughing throughout, as the fugative team progresses to its ultimate aim - stopping Dale Carsh.

    An unmissable episode.moreless
  • a good police episode

    i have always like this series. In this episode we see many story lines come together. THe biggest fear of a police officer in this series is for him or her to be give up by one one their own. We see how mercedes it attacked in her own house and they find out that is one their own that is working for a gangster that is taking over. Also we have some family drama when the Lt's ex wife if pregnant with his child and put hold on her marrige plansmoreless
Benjamín Benítez

Benjamín Benítez

FBI Special Agent Tommy Rodriguez

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Lieutenant Conrad Rose

Josey Scott

Josey Scott

Officer Rodney Gronbeck

Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

U.S. Marshal Eddie Drake

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

Detective Carla Merced

Ryan Hurst (I)

Ryan Hurst (I)

ATF Field Agent Jimmy McGloin

Ron Altomare

Ron Altomare

Boss Man

Guest Star

Jeremiah Birkett

Jeremiah Birkett

Lionel Remy

Guest Star

Christopher B. Duncan

Christopher B. Duncan

Police Officer

Guest Star

Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida

Captain Manuel Valenza

Recurring Role

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    • Connie: We've got two dozen arrests in the last half hour and no sign of Carsh, and what with the suicide of our last best witness we have few options and almost no time before Carsh has South Central explode into open street war.
      Eddie: Can Jimmy and I have an hour to ourselves, real quick?
      Connie: Sure.
      Eddie: We'll need a warrant to!
      Connie: What for?
      (Eddie turns to wink at Jimmy. Then turns back to Connie)
      Eddie: The damage!

    • (Eddie and Jimmy search through Cassandra's possessions)
      Jimmy: What are we looking for?
      Eddie: I'll know it when I see it!
      (Cassandra rushes from nowhere, screaming, wielding a sharp looking knife. Jimmy punches her out,cold. He then takes the warrant out of his pocket and flings it on her prone body)
      Jimmy: Betwitch my ass.

    • Carla: Not to dump on anybody's cake here, but the community leaders claim that black-on-black crime doesn't have the same priority as crimes against white westsiders. A carjacking in Brentwood gets a faster response than a drive-by in South L.A.
      Connie: That isn't racial. It's pragmatic.
      Carla: How's that sir?
      Connie: It isn't black or white that gets the freshness state. It's animal on animal. Black, white, brown, choose a colour! Time, resources and money.
      Carla: Well it's funny that time, resource and money always seem to end up in Brentwood.
      Connie: Write your congressman.
      Eddie: Why don't the local residents keep it simple and give 'em up?
      Jimmy: Because after we go home, they have to deal with the consequences of helping us.
      Eddie: We're left pounding sand.
      Tommy: Yeah. If you've gotta pound sand...

    • Captain Manuel Valenza: (At the crooked cop) If you don't co-operate, you'll be tried, convicted and sent to general population. Where I promise you, you'll be killed. Now play nice and you'll live, in solitary.
      Connie: Com'n officer, find your balls!

    • Jimmy: The guns are in the trunk of my car.
      Connie: Any diners looking you up and down?
      Jimmy: Only some creepy ex-prostitute.
      Eddie: Is anyone really an 'ex-' prositute?
      Jimmy: Just your mother.
      Eddie: Wow, shes still calling?

    • Jimmy: Sleep well?
      Connie: Like a baby. I woke up crying, every twenty minutes.

    • (After Cassandra and Eddie have finished their initial exchange)
      Cassandra: Write this down. (Incants a new spell) El-to-bo. Sla-ka-a-latte. Eee-my-ger...
      Eddie: How do you spell that?
      Cassandra: Don't kill my brother.
      Eddie: Or what?!
      Cassandra: Or this... (Cassandra blows air into Eddie's face)
      Eddie: Or you'll blow me!?
      Cassandra: Don't kill my brother. You will find him, very soon. There will be blood. You'll get the chance, but don't kill my brother.
      Eddie: Where is he?
      Cassandra: Behind you!!
      Eddie: Ugh!
      (Eddie draws his gun and swivels to his rear)
      (Cassandra cackles with laughter)

    • (ATF agent Icke shakes hands with Jimmy, turns away and walks to another ATF colleague to arrange the transfer of guns. Out of his earshot.)
      Carla: I hate shitty cops, more than bad guys.
      Jimmy: Yep.
      Carla: I have a clear shot at his back.
      Jimmy: Take it.
      (They laugh)

    • (Cassandra opens her door to Eddie Drake and begins to incant a spell.)
      Cassandra: Sa-tel-are...
      Eddie: Cassandra, do you remember me? (Cassandra hisses at Eddie) Eddie Drake. I questioned you a couple of days ago, about your brother Dale.
      Cassandra: Demon.
      Eddie: We don't need to go there!
      Cassandra: Fornicator.
      Eddie: Guilty. May I come in?

    • Gang member convict: Try Remi.
      Max Rubio: Remi, don't he owe you?
      Convict: He's jacked up on crack. For a handful of rock he'd dance with the devil. And that's the problem, ain't it?!
      Tommy: What?
      Convict: The devil's a better dancer than you all!

    • Connie: Max, you got any guys in gangster college willing to rollover on Carsh?
      Rodney gives a puzzled look to Jimmy, Eddie and then the rest of the team. He mouths the words 'gangster college?' Connie catches a glimpse.
      Connie: In prison!

    • (Jimmy and Carla enter an almost empty squad room)
      Jimmy: Where are Burt and Ernie?
      (Eddie and Tommy swing around a corner. Eddie replies in a high pitched puppet voice)
      Eddie: Coming deeeaaarrrrr!

    • Jimmy: Doing right doesn't justify breaking the law.
      ATF Agent Icke: In today's world it does.
      Carla: A fascist with a badge - that's hot!

    • Max Rubio: Do you know what the LAPD warning shot is? "Boom" Stop! Or I'll shoot!

    • (Connie sitting at Rodney's computer)
      Connie: Don't worry Rodney. I only hit three keys and I left your files alone.

    • Connie: You smoke?
      Eddie: I own a bar.

    • Carla: Great, that's just what we need around here - another pair of testicles.

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