War of the Worlds

(ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Obelisk
      The Obelisk
      Episode 20
      Continuing Morthren losses force a maddened Malzor to take a drastic step: the release of a spore which will cause the death of every native organism on Earth.
    • The True Believer
      The True Believer
      Episode 19
      In desperate straits, the aliens gain a piece of valuable information: the identities of Harrison, Suzanne, and Kincaid. Soon the team has been accused of bank robbery and murder, and Malzor has taken over the police investigation.
    • Max
      Episode 18
      A year after his brother's death, Kincaid discovers that the aliens have brought Max back to life to kill him.
    • Totally Real
      Totally Real
      Episode 17
      Debi is forced to fight an alien warrior in a duel to the death.
    • Video Messiah
      Video Messiah
      Episode 16
      The aliens use subliminal messages and a clone of a popular motivational speaker to control the minds of the rich and powerful. Kincaid and the rest of the team get involed when an old friend of Kincaid's is drawn into the lethal scheme.
    • Candle in the Night
      While the aliens try to recover a malfunctioning surveillance device, the team plots a surprise birthday party for Debi.
    • Path of Lies
      Path of Lies
      Episode 14
      While Ardix bargins with a dying millionare's life for access to a communication's satellite, the aliens are trying to kill nosey reporter Marc Traynor. During an assassination attempt, the reporter snaps images of dead alien bodies. To make matters worse, Kincaid and Blackwood are seen killing them. If published, their identities will be revealed and easier for the aliens.moreless
    • The Deadliest Disease
      Warring factions (including the Blackwood team and the Morthren) fight over a med cell that could save countless lives--including that of a dying Mana.
    • The Pied Piper
      The Pied Piper
      Episode 12
      The first-born Morthren on Earth is now grown to the age of a nine-year-old. The aliens use both his need for emotional comfort and their need for gentic information in one play as they leave him at the Crecne Experimental School where he will bring back files for the Morthren's use.moreless
    • Time to Reap
      Time to Reap
      Episode 11
      The Eternal instructs Malzor on how he can go back in time to 1953 in the aftermath of the failed invasion to ensure victory by inoculating his brethren from Earth's bacteria in order to change the course of history in the favour of the Morthren race. However, Blackwood and Kincaid have followed him through the same time tunnel to stop him from succeeding in giving the aliens a huge advantage in their conquest.moreless
    • The Defector
      The Defector
      Episode 10
      When an attempt to hack into the humans' computers goes awry, a Morthren technician (Kemo) is scarred both physically and mentally by the experience. Facing execution, he flees and takes over the identity of the human hacker he killed.
    • Synthetic Love
      Synthetic Love
      Episode 9
      Kincaid runs into an old friend named Johnny, only to discover that his friend is dangerously addicted to drugs. Kincaid takes him to one of the well-known Laporte Rehabilitation Centers, which has just started using a new miracle drug called Krebulax. But something strange is going on at the clinic, and there's something even stranger about the man supplying the drug...a Mister Malcolm.moreless
    • Night Moves
      Night Moves
      Episode 8
      The harsh life in the city, coupled with a food shortage, lead Suzanne to take Debi out to the country to live with Suzanne's estranged mother. The aliens are also having food shortages, however, and have their own plans for the family homestead.
    • Loving the Alien
      Loving the Alien
      Episode 7
      Suzanne helps her friend Marcus search for his missing daughter, unaware that the girl has been captured by the aliens. Meanwhile, Debi runs away in search of someone who understands her. She finds that person in a pale, strange boy named Ceeto.
    • Seft of Emun
      Seft of Emun
      Episode 6
      When the Morthren run low on power, they are forced to bring Seft, the High Priestess of Emun, out of stasis. While Seft is searching for the materials she will need to create power crystals for her captors she meets Harrison. Will the link forged between them be enough to save Seft and her son, or is she doomed to forever serve the evil Morthren?moreless
    • Breeding Ground
      Breeding Ground
      Episode 5
      While at the hospital looking for some hard-to-find medicine, Harrison comes across gruesome evidence that the aliens are experimenting on humans. Meanwhile, Malzor and Mana try to find a way to increase their Morthren numbers here on Earth.
    • Terminal Rock
      Terminal Rock
      Episode 4
      Rock and roll ruins young minds...especially when the aliens are involved. Loner Kincaid and newly-adolescent Debi experience growing pains while the team tries to deal with a new, dangerous kind of music.
    • Doomsday
      Episode 3
      A heat wave, followed by a water shortage, drives everyone to the brink of desperation. When a local church font begins to produce an apparently unlimited supply of water, the team is suspicious. Is it a miracle, or something much darker?
    • No Direction Home
      While the Blackwood team picks up the pieces and tries to find a new home, the Morthren, too, have to find a new location as they are aware that the humans have been there once and might return. When Harrison and Kincaid go back to the empty base, they find an engram for the aliens' cloning devices that can transport memories and images from the subject to its copy. Meanwhile, Mana and Ardix have cloned a reverend so that he can spread the word of the one true God - the Eternal.moreless
    • The Second Wave
      The Second Wave
      Episode 1
      Almost Tomorrow The world is now a mess. As the environment with its predictable weather patterns and the economy in dire straits, anarchy is now loose and the world as we knew it is less optimistic. It's been months with no alien activity and the military backing for the Blackwood Project is weakened as the government seems to be in turmoil as well. As if things weren't bad enough, a new group of aliens, the Morthren, have arrived. They have used a process of transmutation to take on human form to protect themselves from Earth's bacteria so the need for hosting bodies and radiation is no more. Under the rule of Malzor, they are instructed by the Eternal Spirit of Morthrai to kill off the "soldiers" who came before and failed to appropriate the planet. Continuing in their mission, they try to snare a member of the Blackwood Team for cloning purposes which will obtain all memories of the original, but totally loyal to the Morthren cause. With this clone, it can more easily infiltrate the Cottage and destroy the team and everything involving their work on the aliens.moreless
  • Season 1