War of the Worlds

(ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Resurrection
      The Resurrection
      Episode 1
      35 years after the breaking of humanity's solitude in the universe and the demise of the interstellar invaders has not dwindled the assurance over this spinning piece of solar debris as men have resumed going back to and fro about their little affairs as events were before the eve of the war. Even down to the silly rite of power struggle. One such event takes place on a particular evening as a terrorist group raids U.S. disposal site Fort Jericho. But a Pandora's box is opened as the inert aliens being stored in barrels are reawakened within contact of radiation, which negates the presence of the very bacteria that dropped them and disabled their activity so long ago. Upon freedom, the aliens take over the bodies of the terrorists and then begin to resume the plans that they once drew against us, but doing so now under the stress of their new fallible situation. Meanwhile, astrophysicist Harrison Blackwood (adopted son of Dr. Forrester) and his assistant Norton Drake discover some new alien transmissions that originate right on Earth. With the help of Blackwood's newly hired microbiologist, Suzanne McCullough, they discover that the extraterrestrial killers from 1953 have been freed from their steel drum containers with the very real possibility that they are alive and roaming the planet once again.
      In an effort to prove this to General Wilson, Harrison drags Suzanne to the origin of a transmission made out in the middle of the woods. Unbeknownst to them, Colonel Ironhorse and his Delta Squad are there on the trail of terrorists. After the incursion ends in the loss of Ironhorse's men, "Uncle Hank" Wilson decides that there is an alien threat and allows a team to be assembled that consists of Harrison, Norton, Suzanne, and co-signer of the project/combat expert Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse so that the danger can be eliminated. The collection is at a just time as the aliens regain their wits in due process of regaining their technological weaponry that they left behind while in hibernation – three remaining war machines stored in a government hanger. The recovery must be interrupted before they active the ships and their unstoppable power once again, picking up where they left off 3-and-half decades ago.moreless
    • The Walls of Jericho
      "They sure don't die very pretty, do they?"

      The team struggles to convince Ironhorse and General Wilson that the aliens are still a threat, even after the destruction seen last episode. The aliens are, in fact, still alive, but may not be so for long; the radiation that killed the deadly bacteria is slowly destroying their human host bodies.moreless

    • Thy Kingdom Come
      Thy Kingdom Come
      Episode 3
      "You haven't got a prayer." Harrison Blackwood contacts Sylvia Van Buren, a close associate of his adoptive father Clayton Forrester. But Sylvia's invaluable psychic insights come at a high cost: she's currently a patient at the Whitewood Mental Health Care Center. With her help the team is able to track aliens into Montana and then into Canada, where the aliens are attempting to recover more of their sleeping brethren.moreless
    • A Multitude of Idols
      "Don't be scared. This won't hurt you." The aliens' newest plot is to begin integrating their kind into human society. They initiate this plan by carrying nuclear material and busloads of churchgoers to the abandoned town of Beeton. When a local reporter manages to get caught up in it via a story on hazardous material, footage she captures of an alien possession catches the attention of the Blackwood Team where they find the aliens using the town as a set up shop for appropriating human hosts.moreless
    • Eye for an Eye
      Eye for an Eye
      Episode 5
      "Martians on motorcycles." In 1938, Orson Welles made the town of Grover's Mill famous as the setting of The War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Now on the 50th anniversary, the locals bask in the gimmick of being the first stop in a faux Martian invasion - unaware that the "Martians" were real, and now their comrades have returned to retrieve a buried war machine left behind. The Blackwood Team bands to fight them with the only residents aware of the reality of 1938: the remaining veterans of the militia that fought them the first time around.moreless
    • The Second Seal
      The Second Seal
      Episode 6
      "Contact with that crystal is affecting your behavior."
      "I'm in total control, Suzanne."
      Norton discovers files and information of Dr. Forrester's on the invasion of 53 under the name "Operation Deep Ice" being stored in a Fort which travels underground through most of the Bay area. When they get to the army base and come upon the vault, Harrison is mad to find almost nothing. It turns out that the archives are stored in more than one vault under various misspellings of the name Deep Ice, which were to enforce another level of security. But they aren't the only ones to find out about the documents as the aliens have begun to infiltrate the base. When they gain access to the vaults they begin combing through various things, some of which appears to be the aliens' own technology and weaponry. But the most important item in their new mission is a list that contains the location of 10,000 stored-away aliens.moreless
    • Goliath is My Name
      "Did you see that Parkins boy's body in the tunnel?"
      "Just the photos; worst thing I've ever seen. Kid had no face. What kind of monster would do that?"
      When a friend of Suzanne's is murdered, the team investigates and inevitably find the aliens involved. However, their goal is even more sinister as the aliens have infiltrated a college campus to steal a dreaded virus known as Y-Fever, a toxin that can literally melt the human brain in seconds. But while traveling underground, the aliens come across fantasy game players, one of which is a jock with butterfingers. After possessing the one called Jefferson, the alien obtains the three vials... only to drop one, breaking it and becomes exposed to the virus. But instead of killing him, the virus reacts differently to the alien chemically, mutating it, and creating a highly unstable alien who continues to play the game - all while carrying the two remaining vials of the Y-Fever in his hands.moreless
    • To Heal the Leper
      "This is Harrison Blackwood. These may be the last words I speak on this earth." When one of the Advocates becomes infected with chicken pox, the Advocacy takes a day trip to a power station, collecting human brains on the way to cure the sick one. Meanwhile, the Blackwood project worries about the lack of alien transmissions being intercepted, and Sylvia Van Buren seems to have completely recovered from her mental breakdown.moreless
    • The Good Samaritan
      "We all have to die... sometime." Marcus Mason, a greedy and womanizing businessman, creates grain that could help feed the world due to its ability to survive any type of hazards, natural or man-made. Because he has created it to be radioactive resistant amongst many things, Suzanne meets him to obtain the secret, which she hopes can help her own research against the aliens. However, the aliens themselves have different plans for both Mr. Mason and his grain...moreless
    • Epiphany
      Episode 10
      "We must plan for the future."
      "A future without humans."
      Katya, a Soviet scientist who wants to defect, visits her old flame, Harrison Blackwood. Meanwhile, the aliens use the events of a U.S./Soviet Union disarmament plan to try and detonate a bomb during the tension in hopes of setting off a "tribal war" within the human race.moreless
    • Among the Philistines
      "Don't you see? It's not just our problem. If we lose this war, we lose the entire planet." After a sneak operation against the aliens fails, the Blackwood team consults a language expert to help decipher the aliens' transmissions. When they take him back to the Cottage to use their supercomputer, things begin to fail to add up. After Ironhorse, Harrison and Suzanne arrive to what appears to be a trap in waiting, they realize that Adrian is an alien set to infiltrate their information and rush back to where he is with Norton and Debi. In an effort to protect the project and everyone in the Cottage, the team looses someone close who becomes their first casualty in this war.moreless
    • Choirs of Angels
      Choirs of Angels
      Episode 12
      "You will help us bring a new age to this planet." The aliens plant subliminal messages in a musician's recordings to brainwash a scientist into creating an antidote for them against the bacteria on Earth. But Harrison, too, becomes a pawn in this plan and fights his own team members against the "lies" they have created about the aliens.moreless
    • Dust to Dust
      Dust to Dust
      Episode 13
      "Can you tell me how what happened last night happened?" After an archeologist steals a Native American headdress with an apparent alien material in it, the Blackwood Team takes notice. The aliens, too, take a vast interest in the artefact and steal it to obtain the crystal it holds. As an object that could start an ancient war machine, they search the grounds of an Indian Reservation for the missing ship that has been there for thousands of years.moreless
    • He Feedeth Among the Lilies
      "They're – they're hurting me. Oh, oh... They're putting something inside me." The aliens become desperate to learn the secrets of the human immune system. They begin abducting people, placing implants inside their bodies, and then releasing them with plans to take them back later for further study. One of these unfortunate victims is a beautiful woman for whom Dr. Blackwood has fallen in love.moreless
    • The Prodigal Son
      The Prodigal Son
      Episode 15
      "I have nothing really against humans, but as a group, they stink. I say kill them all." Just before he and the rest of the team are to attend a United Nations meeting on their progress, Harrison is invited to meet hermit artist Quinn, who is actually an alien left over from the 1953 invasion trapped in a body bacteria-free ever since. As the aliens are tracking Quinn down in order to learn the secret of his immunity, he kidnaps Blackwood with plans to have him deliver his personal ultimatum to the U.N. as a means for his own conquest over the Earth.moreless
    • The Meek Shall Inherit
      "It's not the cold. It's something else." The aliens' next move is to disrupt communication by destroying global phone links. Meanwhile, Sylvia befriends a homeless woman who believes her talk of aliens because she herself witnessed one of her friends being attacked and absorbed. The two flee the Whitewood Sanitarium to roam the streets of Portland and eventually hiding out in a truck yard for shelter. Having assumed the bodies of three homeless people, the aliens also wait in the same truck yard to hijack a truck carrying an important power source, which will allow them to complete their plan to destroy communiqués and leave society helpless during an attack.moreless
    • Unto Us a Child is Born
      "You're saying we have some kind of half-breed on our hands here?"
      "A monster. Half human, half alien."
      When an act of biological terrorism set for the ventilation system of a suburban shopping mall falls apart, the aliens flee, one of which is forced to absorb the body of a pregnant woman. Due to the violent integration, the body goes into labour and gives birth to a half-human, half-alien mutant. Now, the Blackwood team, the Advocacy, and the possessed mother are all in a search for the hybrid child.moreless
    • The Last Supper
      The Last Supper
      Episode 18
      "We should surrender to the aliens! We have no other choice!" Extraterrestrial experts from around the world are gathered to discuss and exchange information in an effort to help combat the threat the world faces against the alien menace. The aliens have an upper hand when they gain knowledge of this meeting and plot to murder them all to remove the thorn from their sides.moreless
    • Vengeance is Mine
      Vengeance is Mine
      Episode 19
      "I had no idea it was going to end in such tragedy." During a covert operation against the aliens' newest plot to mount their soldiers with lasers, Ironhorse opens fire on three figures assumed to be aliens - only to find to his shock that one was an innocent human hostage. He cannot seem to get over his mistake, and becomes distant from the rest of the group who are trying to track down the aliens and whatever their new plot may be. Things are not better for Paul as the woman's husband seeks out the colonel for revenge when he finds out that he was responsible for her death and the authorities will do nothing. While the aliens plot to steal money to buy their much-needed rubies for their new weapons, Martin Cole searches for his own brand of justice.moreless
    • My Soul to Keep
      My Soul to Keep
      Episode 20
      "And what would your name be?"
      "Woodward and Bernstein didn't need a name."
      "Are you trying to tell me you're a Deep Throat?"
      The aliens' young cannot survive in the very radiation which keeps the adults alive so they must store the eggs in a cold environment in an industrial ice house. The Blackwood team picks up on this design and set out to keep a new generation of aliens from walking the Earth. Unfortunately, a figure from the past of both sides tips Cash McCullough, Suzanne's ex-husband and investigative reporter, that the team is killing illegal aliens and butts in to compromise the entire situation for all.moreless
    • So Shall Ye Reap
      So Shall Ye Reap
      Episode 21
      "I'll do anything you want. Just give me more!" The aliens try to perfect a drug that will cause violent impulses in human beings and test it on unsuspecting victims. Meanwhile, the Blackwood team infiltrates a local police department by posing as drug enforcement agents in order to get closer to uncovering a series of kidnappings and murders, which are inevitably tied back to the aliens and their new experiments.moreless
    • The Raising of Lazarus
      "After we evacuate, this facility will be like Chernobyl." The team is informed of an alien craft uncovered in a geological site in Spirit Lake, Wisconsin. The vessel and the alien inside, in suspended animation, are taken to an Air Force Nuclear Research facility for their study. However, they find out when they get there that the Pentagon has assigned the facility to Project 9 – a shadow government so high up that even the President is need-to-know. Heading this is Colonel Frederick Alexander, a scientist who has odd, and even dangerous ideas of how to commune with the aliens.moreless
    • The Angel of Death
      The Angel of Death
      Episode 23
      "Paul is dead." A humanoid figure arrives on Earth and begins to murder aliens, requesting each time to know the location and whereabouts of the Advocacy. The Blackwood team is baffled as to the origin of the sudden alien mass murder. In an effort to find some information about what's been going on, they set up a trap. The aliens know it's bait of some kind, but go in anyway since they, too, are unaware as to the identity of their assassin(s). The plan works of sorts when this single identity – a Synth from Qar'To – shows up again and captures Ironhorse. It reveals its purpose to the Colonel and it appears to be a new ally in the war, as even the Advocacy risk putting itself in the battle to eliminate this threat. However, things may not be what they seem...moreless
  • Season 2