War of the Worlds

Season 1 Episode 14

He Feedeth Among the Lilies

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1989 on

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  • By far, this episode is one of the most gruesome things ever to be shown on Syndicated Sci-fi

    This was the roughest episode they ever made to watch, and the opening scene is one of the most gruesome things I'd ever seen on television. I was fourteen, and it was a Sunday afternoon, I was flipping through the channels when it came on. That scene where the aliens wheeled out a human man stripped to his underwear, gagged and tied to an alien operating table, awake and covered in radiation scars, panicing as the alien pulls out a scalpel and slices him open. No anesthetic, you actually see the blade slice through the skin and blood oozes out. It takes forever for him to die (that scream still freaks me out). Man, that is not something to see during family hours. I saw it again on the Sci-fi channel and it still made me tense up, but at least they were nice enough to add a "Viewer discression advised" warning at the beginning. You know what the weird thing is? The actor who played the test subject was never mentioned in the closing credits. He looked familiar and had such a profound effect on the mood of the episode, I can't believe they didn't give him his props. Oh, well.
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