War of the Worlds

Season 2 Episode 7

Loving the Alien

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1989 on

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  • Debbie falls for an alien, Ceetah, while another alien tries to infiltrate the groups hideout.

    A tad different from the other episodes. A rare story where the human falls for the alien and the alien doesn't turn out to be bad. Debbie's character didn't get that much to do in second season so I guess the writers wrote this up for her.

    A sad tale about love. The alien, Ceetah, is actually a clone of the real human (aliens liked to clone people). Eventually, he's cover is blown but Debbie still believes he isn't a threat.

    I like this episode more than the others of the second season even though the ending sucked. You also get one of the first acting appearences of Mia Kirshner playing another alien.