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  • To Life Immortal...

    "War of the Worlds" season one was simply spectacular. A series with a talented cast, production team, writers and concept executives, it delivers a perfect mix of characters, drama and scifi action. Amongst some of my favourite moments include those with The Blackwood Project at The Cottage, their individual personalities shining for some great comedy moments as well as heartfelt camaraderie.

    Despite the well documented changes that occurred in Season Two with arrival of The Morthrai (and a new leading team of producers and writers), a great cast held it together; making this, although jarring at times worth watching despite the sting.

    Some of the best aspects of the series come from the heart, and storylines revolving around a more mature Debbie (Rachel Blanchard) and a more "Ripley-esque" Suzanne McCullough.

    Although continuity went out the car windows a bit, the end of season finale with the time travel back to the original 1953 "Martian" invasion was clever to keep our attention, and saved my opinions of this second wave of alien invaders despite the clich or hyperbole.

    For your own sanity though, I recommend you fill in the blanks with your own answers to things that don't add up. Between us, they can be explained, and this show can be saved - as otherwise, it allows Frank Mancuso Jr. to win what was his war on the series, if his deliberate attempts to sabotage are to be believed. ;)
  • Missed the mark

    Was a great idea with to many twists to follow adn become a fan. Was interesting but polluted
  • The show that got me hooked on the Sci-Fi Channel

    This was a pretty decent sci-fi show for the late '80s. I firmly believe the second season was better than the first but season 1 was fun to watch. It was great to see the old radio show thrown into the plot outline as well as the 50s movie injected also. The look and acting were a bit off but in the '80s we thought it was great...maybe not so much the acting. I was so glad to hear that the show was being released on DVD and I am just sad that season 2 hasn't been released yet, my favorite season. However, I quickly snapped up season 1 and relived what got me hooked on the classic Sci-Fi channel back in the early '90s. I forgot the first season used Bible passages as episode names and which went along the story. Some of the plots were unintentionally funny but being a fan of everything WotW I didn't care. Things like: oh we just forgot the invasion in the 30s and 50s, we store aliens in leaky vasts below nuclear waste in a desert, and the aliens can take over peoples bodies. Fun times and great hokey sci-fi.
  • Second Season Was Better

    I remember watching "War Of The Worlds" back in the late 80's early 90's in syndication and late at night on television; sometimes airing at 2 or 3 AM on Sunday mornings.

    The first season was campy, goofy, had a lot of bad acting and ridiculous plot lines. Instead of moving on into new territory, it derived too much from the 1953 film.

    The Second Season with it's darker, cyber-punkish, paranoid, socially chaotic, Blade Runner-esque atmosphere was much better and was the forerunner of The X-Files with aliens bleeding glowing green blood and melting, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Carter watched the second season while creating The X-Files.

    ADDENDUM: Someone put all of Season 2 on YouTube so now all War of the Worlds fans can watch it You can find it here;

  • For it's time it was a great show.

    This was a great show for it’s time. It was able to bring the aliens back in a believable way and to make the storyline flow. They addressed the reason why no one remembered the invasion, mass mental trauma that everyone blocked it out and then didn’t pass it on to the next generation. The characters were not old enough to have lived thru the first invasion, so they learned all kinds of secrets of the past. It sort of mixed a bit of the Body Snatchers in with how the aliens took over their host bodies, but overall it was fun. It had it's moments!
  • A "sequel" to the 1953 classic movie by George Pal.

    At first, I was apprehensive about watching this, but after watching the first episode, I was hooked.

    WOW! It was good seeing those Martian machines again...complete with heat-rays & acid torpedoes.

    The plots are very thick and very well written.

    I love "Iron Horse". He's exactly the way a military man should be.

    Anne Robinson (from the 1953 movie) returns to this series, reprising her role as Sylvia Van Buren.

    SPECIAL GUEST STAR: John Colicos as "Quinn". I love his voice!

    The special effects are dazzling in this show, especially when the aliens take over the people's bodies.

    Additionally, all the titles from the first season are taken from the Bible. A nice touch indeed.
  • A pretty good spin-off of the movie.

    War of the Worlds was a half decent show. The first season was done really well and the second was sort of lackluster, which dragged the series down and killed it.

    The writing was done very well. Especially the episode that claimed the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was done to cover up a real invasion. It makes you believe that it could be possible.

    The actors did a very good job of portraying their characters and it was always nice to see guest stars from the movie.

    Overall War of the Worlds is worth a watch, but don't expect a whole lot, considering it's kinda dated.
  • Not so good.

    This show had good effects, it had a good premise, it's based on a classic sci fi book. but this show wasn't as good as V. the alien invasion theme was a compelling plotline. but this show didn't deliver. the charactes were interesting, but the stories weren't that good. the aliens had a good concept, but the show was the problem. it didn't have that must see factor, it was missing from the show. the show was silly, it was weird, it didn't feel like the earth was under threat, there should have been more. this tv show just failed to deliver the goods.
  • I managed to get both seasons on DVD and during a bout of flu, watched them all. The difference between the seasons is amazing.

    The first season of this show was really quite good. The storyline was as sensible as a sci-fi show could get, the scripts were solid, the acting was good. And then appaerently Bad Things Happened between the first and second season and not only did the show change, the ALIENS changed. They became entirely different creatures. Not to mention actors.
    The only reason, in my mind, to watch the second season is Julian Richings as Ardix, who\'s a sort of assistant to the assistant head alien. He manages to be actually scary, at times, and funny, at others, and does more with the script and the mythology than anyone else the second season.
    Though it\'s amusing to see Dr. Lambert from Forever Knight as the assistant head alien.
  • Glad it's finally on dvd ...

    This show really wasn't all that bad. I know for anyone that has never watched it before that checks it out now will probably feel that it is a little dated compared to other science fiction shows like BSG.

    I really liked this show, the cast was pretty good, yes - the writing could of been a touch better, but if you watch it with an open mind you might grow to like it as well.
  • Interesting update on a classic finally coming out on DVD

    While this show did not last long it has been far too long since it has been on the air. Thankfully it looks like this series will finally see the light of day again on dvd probably in part to the motion picture version.

    As far as the series goes it was rather low budget, but the original cast was great and it was a fun watch. I can't wait to get it on DVD and re-discover this and maybe it will still be the gem I remember so many years ago.

    One fun fact... Adrian Paul "Highlander" is featured in the final 2 seasons.
  • It was part of Fox's "Sci-Fi Friday"

    War of the worlds was a great show when i was growing up. I was 17 back then and I always looked forward to seeing it every Friday. That was almost 20 years ago. I just recently purchased the 1st season on DVD and relived all those fond memories, and I must say it was alot more greusome than I remembered. The most notable gory scene was when the aliens attacked that grave robber in his office. How they bashed that guys head into the wall while gouging his eyes out,(not that he didnt deserve it-he was a jerk) I cant wait to get season 2 to see how it turns out!
  • Writing is ok but the acting is beyond bad.

    After watching the pilot, and first two episodes I have begun to wonder if the War Of The Worlds Season One DVD boxed set was such a good purchase. The writing is not bad, and it seems to be well thought out with interesting stories, but so far the poor acting is negating any good qualities of the show. The only three actors I recognize so far are Philip Akin from Highlander The Series, Richard Chaves from the movie Predator, and John Vernon from National Lampoon\'s Animal House. I really can not remember seeing worse acting in a TV show.
  • Nothing else quite like it

    Largely ignored upon its initial run, War of the Worlds: The Series just might find a few new fans with the release of Spielberg's blockbuster adaptation of its source novel. While hardly a classic, the series deserves credit for (initially, at least) offering a valid continuation of the still-unsurpassed George Pal film from 1953. If you grew up watching the film on late-night t.v. as I did, you'll be thrilled at seeing the Martian war machines being unearthed in the 2-hour pilot episode. A guest-turn by original film star Ann Robinson lends further credibility to what is, admittedly, a rather odd program.

    War of the Worlds was made at a time when syndicated shows were really catching on, offering alternatives to the traditional "Big Three" networks. WAR aired on a Fox affiliate in my area on Friday nights, the well-known graveyard for genre shows. The series drew some flack for its graphic--though never especially convincing--violence.

    What makes the show work is a fine ensemble cast, plenty of action, and often unpredictable storylines. There have been other alien invasion series, but nothing quite like this one.

    Definitely worth another look now that it's available on DVD.