War of the Worlds

(ended 1990)





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  • The show that got me hooked on the Sci-Fi Channel

    This was a pretty decent sci-fi show for the late '80s. I firmly believe the second season was better than the first but season 1 was fun to watch. It was great to see the old radio show thrown into the plot outline as well as the 50s movie injected also. The look and acting were a bit off but in the '80s we thought it was great...maybe not so much the acting. I was so glad to hear that the show was being released on DVD and I am just sad that season 2 hasn't been released yet, my favorite season. However, I quickly snapped up season 1 and relived what got me hooked on the classic Sci-Fi channel back in the early '90s. I forgot the first season used Bible passages as episode names and which went along the story. Some of the plots were unintentionally funny but being a fan of everything WotW I didn't care. Things like: oh we just forgot the invasion in the 30s and 50s, we store aliens in leaky vasts below nuclear waste in a desert, and the aliens can take over peoples bodies. Fun times and great hokey sci-fi.
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