War of the Worlds

Season 2 Episode 20

The Obelisk

Aired Unknown May 14, 1990 on
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The Obelisk
Continuing Morthren losses force a maddened Malzor to take a drastic step: the release of a spore which will cause the death of every native organism on Earth.

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    Jared Martin

    Jared Martin

    Dr. Harrison Blackwood

    Adrian Paul

    Adrian Paul

    John Kincaid (Season 2)

    Lynda Mason Green

    Lynda Mason Green

    Dr. Suzanne McCullough

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    • TRIVIA (7)

      • So, what happened to the Eternal? For the Morthren's deity, it doesn't seem to have more of a visible place in the revelation of Malzor's deception of his people. It only has a minor role in the entire episode. We never learned why they consider it a god if it's clearly not all-knowing. With all things considered, do the Morthren even still revere the Eternal now that their cause for war, which the Eternal seemed to support, was revealed to be false?

      • Throughout the second season, the scenes either appear to be filmed at night or on overcast days in order to give the appearance of severe air pollution. Why does the sun suddenly appear after the aliens are defeated? This season's intro seems to indicate that the aliens had nothing to do with the Earth's pollution problems. All I can figure out is that it's symbolic.

      • In this episode, it's established that Malzor and Mana had to chose the best of their race to travel to Earth because of the lack of spacecrafts or resources. Why then did they execute the aliens that were left over from the 1953 Invasion? The first season stated that tens of thousands of aliens were left over from the previous invasion. Why not utilize their numbers as foot soldiers instead of wasting energy by executing them which causes a depletion of resources even more?

      • In the episode "The Second Wave" the original aliens were refered to as soldiers. Then in "Time To Reap," Malzor makes reference to either 1953 being the year of a war or those aliens as warriors (can't quite make it out, but some variaton of "war" is heard). So with this in mind, why are they now referred to as scientists and being on a research mission?

      • The references of the 1953 movie conflict with all of the aliens' intentions here. It just doesn't make sense as to why a research crew would open relentless fire on sometimes unarmed creatures or why they sought to destroy anything and everything in their path. The impression from the backstory was that they were not a hostile race (made most evident by Malzor's mate), but yet they seem to be irredeemably violent during their so-called research mission.

      • Denis Forest gets shot at by Jared Martin and tells the two men with him to get down. A few seconds later, Denis Forest flees to a waiting car. The problem? There is now only one man with him even though you never see the other man get shot.

      • When we've seen the aliens before in their natural state such as the 1953 invaders in "Time To Reap" and when they are invading the Emun planet in "Seft of Emun," they are wearing the suits worn by the Advocacy from the first season (that's a whole other nitpick onto itself). The garb they are wearing in the images of them on Morthrai from the obelisk is quite different in design.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Ceeto: You came.
        Debi: I thought I'd never see you again. (Ceeto and Debi share a brief hug) What happened? What did they do to you?
        Ceeto: It doesn't matter. We gotta get outta here.
        Debi: Why? What's wrong?
        Ceeto: Everything.

      • Harrison: When will they disperse it?
        Ceeto: I don't know, but it'll be soon. Our leader Malzor has gone mad.
        Harrison: Why is he after you?
        Ceeto: Because I took this. It's a sacred icon of our race.
        Harrison: Why?
        Ceeto: It reveals our past. I want you to know about us. That we're not murderers.

      • Mana: Your planet faces the same fate as our own. You must know that.
        Harrison: Will you help us change it?
        Mana: That's up to you.

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