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War of the Worlds

Season 1 Episode 1

The Resurrection

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1988 on
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Episode Summary

The Resurrection
35 years after the breaking of humanity's solitude in the universe and the demise of the interstellar invaders has not dwindled the assurance over this spinning piece of solar debris as men have resumed going back to and fro about their little affairs as events were before the eve of the war. Even down to the silly rite of power struggle. One such event takes place on a particular evening as a terrorist group raids U.S. disposal site Fort Jericho. But a Pandora's box is opened as the inert aliens being stored in barrels are reawakened within contact of radiation, which negates the presence of the very bacteria that dropped them and disabled their activity so long ago. Upon freedom, the aliens take over the bodies of the terrorists and then begin to resume the plans that they once drew against us, but doing so now under the stress of their new fallible situation. Meanwhile, astrophysicist Harrison Blackwood (adopted son of Dr. Forrester) and his assistant Norton Drake discover some new alien transmissions that originate right on Earth. With the help of Blackwood's newly hired microbiologist, Suzanne McCullough, they discover that the extraterrestrial killers from 1953 have been freed from their steel drum containers with the very real possibility that they are alive and roaming the planet once again.
In an effort to prove this to General Wilson, Harrison drags Suzanne to the origin of a transmission made out in the middle of the woods. Unbeknownst to them, Colonel Ironhorse and his Delta Squad are there on the trail of terrorists. After the incursion ends in the loss of Ironhorse's men, "Uncle Hank" Wilson decides that there is an alien threat and allows a team to be assembled that consists of Harrison, Norton, Suzanne, and co-signer of the project/combat expert Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse so that the danger can be eliminated. The collection is at a just time as the aliens regain their wits in due process of regaining their technological weaponry that they left behind while in hibernation – three remaining war machines stored in a government hanger. The recovery must be interrupted before they active the ships and their unstoppable power once again, picking up where they left off 3-and-half decades ago.moreless

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    Jared Martin

    Jared Martin

    Dr. Harrison Blackwood

    Lynda Mason Green

    Lynda Mason Green

    Dr. Suzanne McCullough

    Philip Akin

    Philip Akin

    Norton Drake

    Richard Chaves

    Richard Chaves

    Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse

    John Vernon

    John Vernon

    General Wilson

    Guest Star

    Ric Sarabia

    Ric Sarabia


    Guest Star

    Gwynyth Walsh

    Gwynyth Walsh


    Guest Star

    Richard Comar

    Richard Comar

    Chambers/Advocate #1

    Recurring Role

    Ilse von Glatz

    Ilse von Glatz

    Lena Urick/Advocate #2

    Recurring Role

    Michael Rudder

    Michael Rudder

    Einhorn/Advocate #3

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (13)

      • It was established in the film that the war machines' activity cuts off power in their vicinity, but we can see several lights remain on in the climax.

      • The helicopter explodes when the heat-ray hits it. But in the film and in the later episode "Eye for an Eye", everything they hit just glows and disappears.

      • We hear three explosions as well as seeing each war machine blow up. There is even a shot that looks as if there is absolutely nothing left of the ships except dust. But then as there is a cut to a close shot of Harrison, Ironhorse, and Suzanne, we see a flash during the sound of another, fourth explosion. What else was left that could have blown up?

      • When the two alien copter pilots ready the helicopter, a close-up shows one of them flipping switches with a gloved hand. But previous shots clearly showed that neither were wearing gloves.

      • The triangle-shaped lock on the alien war machine is at first aiming downwards. Also, Blackwood removes his hat before beginning. However, during a close-up of him typing on the grid, not only is the lock aiming upwards, but you can see the bill of his cap indicating that it's still on. In the remaining shots, the alien grid is pointing back down and Harrison's hat is off.

      • Norton's hair is close-shaven through the episode, but there are a few shots in which his hair is more grown out. One shot in particular is a close on him as he tells Harrison that he's "getting nowhere fast." It's grown out a bit, but his hair is cut back in the following shots.

      • When Harrison drags the incapacitated Ironhorse into the woods, he cuts one of the bola around his torso, and then Ironhorse cuts the two bolas around his legs. But earlier, we see the aliens attack the colonel with only two bolas: the first around his legs (which tripped him) and the second around his torso. Even if they had thrown one off-camera, it would be impossible for one to wrap around his legs with him already lying on the ground at that point.

      • It's unclear as to what it may be, but when the scene cuts to the dumpsite over the sound of the aliens' noise, there is something moving just out of camera to the left on the shot of the empty barrel, and then something to the right over a shot of the row of barrels.

      • How could the waste leaking onto the steel drum barrel holding the alien be strong enough to melt the lid, but not hurt or damage the alien as it worms it's hand through the weakened material? The waste doesn't even appear to burn the wood plank seperating the bottom and top barrels.

      • The position of the soldier's body by the barrels after Urick shoots him isn't the same as when Mossoud picks his pocket later on.

      • There appears to be too short of a distance between the corner of barrels that the ATV turns around and the soldier who has time to catch sight of him and then grab a 2x4 and even wait a bit for him to get near.

      • Urick opens the back of the trailer to let out the ATVs, but in the very next shot, she's gone.

      • When Harrison and Suzanne are sitting in the back of the jeep talking, parked at the roadblock, you can see a cup in Harrison's right hand. But when it then cuts to another shot, the cup disappears from his hand.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • (Norton is playing golf on his computer)
        Harrison: Norton.
        Norton: (groans) Six under, one to go. Harrison, didn't your parents teach you any manners? Don't you know you're not supposed to interrupt a man when he's standing at the tee?
        Harrison: What happened to "Jamaica. No problem, mon?"
        Norton: Even in Jamaica, it's only no problem when it's "no problem." Who are you?
        Suzanne: Uh, Suzanne. Suzanne Mccullough.
        Norton: Norton Drake.
        Harrison: Suzanne's the new microbiologist that Ephraim has been promising us.
        Norton: Oh, too pretty to be a microbiologist. Microbiologists are all near-sighted and losing their hair.

      • Suzanne: Tell me, Doctor, about the projects requiring someone in my field.
        Harrison: Not Doctor. It's Harrison. I hate titles, especially doctor titles. Especially when we're not even talking MD doctors. Okay, Doctor?

      • Blackwood: I'm a firm believer that a person's response to a joke is a window to their soul.

      • Harrison: What would you say if I told you that Earth was being invaded by aliens from another planet?
        Suzanne: Read my letter.
        Harrison: I'm serious!
        Suzanne: Okay, see a psychiatrist first, then read my letter. It's my resignation.

      • Harrison: In 1953, we experienced what can only be described as a War of the Worlds. If it weren't for common, every day bacteria attacking the aliens' immune systems, they would have won this war, and you and I would not be having this conversation.
        Suzanne: But we are having this conversation, which I don't want. So I fail to see your point.
        Harrison: My point is that even though the bacteria stopped the aliens, I don't think it killed them!
        Suzanne: Excuse me, but I think you have been sitting too close to your television set.

      • Ironhorse: Around here, doctor, it's need-to-know. And you don't need to know.

      • (Suzanne, Harrison, and Ironhorse hear a noise)
        Ironhorse: Helicopter.
        Harrison: Good guys or bad guys?
        Ironhorse: Considering what we're doing, doctor, even the good guys are bad guys.
        (the helicopter shoots a missile at the front of the hanger, blowing up the entrance)
        Harrison: Bad, bad guys!

      • Ironhorse: Twenty-five totally secure acres in the middle of nowhere. Without proper authority, no one comes in... no one gets out.
        Norton: Hmm. Makes pizza deliveries a bit rough.

      • Orel: This thing looked like a gorilla, only it weren't no gorilla 'cause I seen a gorilla one time at the zoo, and this gorilla didn't have no hair like that other gorilla did. This thing pick up ol' Doc by the throat and throttled him.
        Sheriff Deak: Can you identify anybody else, Orel? Maybe did ya get a license?!
        Orel: License?! I'm tellin' you about gorillas that ain't good and you're asking me did I get a license!

      • (Norton hands Suzanne a cup of his own brew of coffee)
        Norton: You like it black, I hope.
        Suzanne: Yes, Norton, I like it black.
        Norton: (to Harrison) She can stay.

      • Chambers: You know, there's something about the irony of pirating a U.S. communications satellite to broadcast our demands always makes me smile.
        Urick: Smile on camera, no one will take us seriously.
        Chambers: Well, then we'll just have to blow up this dump! And send a big fat radioactive cloud of nuclear waste floating over their nice middle-class homes! (lightly) Right?

    • NOTES (11)

      • The Jamaican accent that Norton has in this episode (which goes in and out througout) is most likely inspired by the fact that Philip Akin was born in Jamaica. Although, Norton's actual nationality is never addressed, and we never hear the accent again in any following episode.

      • Notice that in the teaser, we see one of the ATV's turning a corner twice. Both are simply the same shot played twice. This is the first instance of the use of recycled footage throughout the season. The shot of the alien reaching for Doc is recycled at least twice again within the season.

      • Ternary traits: The aliens individually huddle in threes; they have a third arm; the ATVs the terrorists use are three-wheeled; the bolas they use have three weighted ends (as opposed to the standard two); and their leaders, the Advocacy, are a triad.

      • The story Ironhorse tells Debi and the team seems to foreshadow the events of "Dust to Dust" and establishes the aliens' presence in Native American folklore.

      • Also in the novel was the inclusion of Clayton Forrester. However, he was regulated to having very limited interaction with the plot and he ultimately died during the events of natural causes.

      • Even though the film established the aliens as Martians, there is no mention of this on-screen. While viewers weren't let in on their origin until the mid-season "Among the Phillistines", the script and novelization of this episode cleary state their homeworld to be Mor-Tax.

      • Unlike the following first season episodes, this episode simply starts off with the animation of the alien hand taking over the Earth, no teaser-line quote, and the names of the four main cast members are imposed over the opening scenes before progressing to the guest stars.

      • Oddly enough in the 1987 film, The Gambler III, Richard Chaves played a character named Iron Dog... Any relation?

      • For fun, the special effects team had labeled one of the boxes stored in Hanger 15 (where the war machines were being held) as "Ark of the Covenant" as from the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

      • Although their characters are killed off, the actors who play the other half of the six terrorists not occupied by the Advocacy – Frank Pellegrino (Mossoud), Ric Sarabia (Teal), and Martin Neufeld (Finney) – all come back at various times to portray members of the Advocacy in the last half of the season.

      • While it originally aired as a full, two-hour TV-Movie, in subsequent airings it was broken down to air as a two-part episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Harrison: Have you ever heard of Hangar 15?
        Ironhorse: You mean Hangar 18. Sorry, that's a myth.
        Harrison: No, Hangar 18 is the myth. Hangar 15 is the real mccoy.
        Seeing as how if you were to switch the numbers, Hanger 15 may be a reference to Area 51 where the U.S. government supposedly does alien research, and has housed the remains of a spacecraft that was believed to have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. To further this, Hanger 18, which is what Ironhorse believes Harrison is talking about, is part of the same mythology. Reportedly, the Roswell wreckage was taken to Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio before it made its way to Area 51.