War of the Worlds

Season 2 Episode 1

The Second Wave

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1989 on
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The Second Wave
Almost Tomorrow The world is now a mess. As the environment with its predictable weather patterns and the economy in dire straits, anarchy is now loose and the world as we knew it is less optimistic. It's been months with no alien activity and the military backing for the Blackwood Project is weakened as the government seems to be in turmoil as well. As if things weren't bad enough, a new group of aliens, the Morthren, have arrived. They have used a process of transmutation to take on human form to protect themselves from Earth's bacteria so the need for hosting bodies and radiation is no more. Under the rule of Malzor, they are instructed by the Eternal Spirit of Morthrai to kill off the "soldiers" who came before and failed to appropriate the planet. Continuing in their mission, they try to snare a member of the Blackwood Team for cloning purposes which will obtain all memories of the original, but totally loyal to the Morthren cause. With this clone, it can more easily infiltrate the Cottage and destroy the team and everything involving their work on the aliens.moreless

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  • The group is infiltrated by a new group of aliens that is able to clone the members and their memories.

    This is what I consider that last good episode of this series and in my opinion should of ended the series. The foundation of the show is totally changed and it is too radical considering this is only the beginning of the second season. The team went from being a well funded and government backed program too an underground us vs. them fighting. I watched the show since the first episode and it really disturbed me too see all of the changes they made and I watched only a few episodes after this not able to get into the new format of the series.moreless
Jared Martin

Jared Martin

Dr. Harrison Blackwood

Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul

John Kincaid (Season 2)

Lynda Mason Green

Lynda Mason Green

Dr. Suzanne McCullough

Philip Akin

Philip Akin

Norton Drake

Guest Star

Julian Richings

Julian Richings

Alien Scientist

Guest Star

Sonya Delwaide

Sonya Delwaide

Female Newcomer

Guest Star

Catherine Disher

Catherine Disher


Recurring Role

Denis Forest

Denis Forest


Recurring Role

Rachel Blanchard

Rachel Blanchard

Debi McCullough

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (15)

    • The Cottage exploding is a visibly lame special effect. When it blows up, you can see that the entire building is moving (i.e. obvious miniature).

    • Another logic flaw in eliminating the team's research (aside from the obvious fact that the first season Mor-Tax and the new Morthren share very little in common) is that the first season established that other countries knew of the aliens, so destroying the Blackwood Project seems like only a small victory. Surely other countries would still be continuing in their research and fight against the aliens (regardless of whatever alien race was now running around).

    • When the alien MPs take Harrison to the car, one seems to improvise in the situation. However, when the Ironhorse clone tells the alien soldiers to "wait here," they seem to have a hard time grasping the concept.

    • Why exactly is the gang that's harassing Harrison Blackwood with knives suddenly scared of two MPs armed only with billyclubs?

    • Harrison appears to have no reservations about having a gun despite that in Season 1, he refused every oppertunity to carry one.

    • So the aliens gave up super strength and the ability to access someone's memories and appearance for a short time by possessing them in order to become weaker, pale skinned humans? No wonder Malzor lost the War of the Worlds.

    • There are many inconsistencies in the aliens of the first and second seasons resepectively even though they are often insinuated to be of the same race:

      First is the obvious name change of their home world from Mor-Tax to Morthrai. Surely they know the name of their own planet!

      The second issue is that the Mor-Tax had a highly structured caste system - the Ruling Class divided of the earthbound Advocacy and their off-planet leaders the Council (who are not even mentioned throughout the episode or even the entire second season even though they had an invisible authority over the Advocacy throughout the first season), the middle-class soldiers, and the scientists at the very bottom. Now not only are all the previous aliens lumped together in reference as soldiers, but the Morthren operating on Earth have no evident caste system whatsoever (Mana, a scientist, appears to be second-in-command only to general Malzor) and the highest recipient in their loose hierarchy is a god that inexplicably shows up with the arrival of the new aliens, though nothing of the sort was ever brought up with the Mor-Tax race (and Malzor clearly states to the previous set of aliens that they failed the Eternal, as if they, too, revered it).

      Other factors include the fact that their repeated exchange, "To Life Immortal", is never uttered once by the Morthren and they appear to have no basis of the number 3. Habits and traits like that just don't suddenly disappear from the culture of a race.

    • There seems to be a logic flaw with the Morthren if we can assume that they just recently arrived on Earth in the beginning of the episode. If this is true, then how did they get so much of a footing? Not only do they seem to have obtained resources such as their own clothes but also that (or at least duplications) of the soldiers' who they send with the Ironhorse clone. Also, how did they learn about the Blackwood team, Ironhorse, and the such? It's doubtful that the previous aliens let them on in this since not only were they not aware of the team in the first season, but certainly if they had in the off-time, they would have eliminated them themselves since.

    • Doesn't it seem a bit odd that everything inside the Cottage looks to be completely out of context with the rest of the world?

    • After the cloned colonel shoots Norton, his head is facing the left, but when Suzanne finds Norton's body, his head is facing the other way.

    • When Harrison is talking about the new aliens not having any radiation sores, he and Norton seem surprised. Why? In the first season, they've seen hosted human bodies before without any visible open sores. Hell, one managed to infiltrate the Cottage!

    • In the first season, the Cottage was surrounded by a tall brick wall and a large gate that was opened through a remote device. But here, there appears to be no wall and the gate is very small and manually operated by some soldiers.

    • How exactly did Norton find the aliens? We never saw them using any sort of radio waves as Norton often tracked the previous aliens down via these means. There was the execution device, but that seemed to be powered by something else entirely, at least nothing that computers could track down, especially if no one knew about it.

    • The angle of the head of the alien newcomer that Malzor talks to in the early scene changes between shots.

    • Richard Chaves' character enters the warehouse where the enemy is located with three other soldiers. One gets vaporized and one gets killed by a laser. What happened to the third soldier?

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  • NOTES (9)

    • In the script, the Eternal was orginally called 'The Immortal' (draw your own conclusions) and could be heard talking in English.

    • Adrian Paul and Philip Akin would later reunite for a time on Highlander.

    • The new aliens' blood appears to the same kind of bright green color of the alien from the film Predator, which starred Richard Chaves.

    • Richard Chaves receives a "Special Guest Star" credit for this episode.

    • This episode marks the death of the Advocacy. Since the Advocates don't have any dialogue, it's fair to assume that none of the several actors who portrayed them in the first season reprised their role here. Who knows who are under those suits.

    • This is the first appearance of Denis Forest as Malzor. Denis originally appeared as the revenge-seeking Martin Cole in the series in the first season episode "Vengeance is Mine".

    • This episode ushers in a new format for the series. Many of the side-characters from the first year have inexplicably disappeared, the world (or at least the U.S.) is in a burned out state, and the aliens have also been dramatically altered – even the leftover characters have been changed. These changes are so radical that many fans can't seem to accept this season as a continuation from the first, especially with so many conflicting factors (see the Goofs and Nitpicks section for example) and unresolved plotlines that were left dangling and unanswered. Also lost are most of the first season's creative force, especially the writers and directors (except William Fruet and Mark Sobel) as well as the Biblical references, and even arguably, the wit and sense of humour.

    • First appearance of Adrian Paul and Catherine Disher.

    • Final episode featuring Richard Chaves and Philip Akin.


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