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proposal for a translation in French

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    I am French and a big fan of war planets, too!

    This series passed to France approximately 10 years ago, but impossible to find it
    I succeeded in with me getting it in English and I wish to start a translation in French

    I need your assistance because the transcription from English oral to English writing is a very long work (that would take 2 months for me).

    If you could give me the English subtitles, that will not take much time to translate and timing to me. In other words, you would "chew me the job" (notice: "chew me the job" is a french expression : "me m√Ęcher le boulot") or, in English "to leave me the easiest job" !!!

    PLEASE, I ask it to you for future French fans... and especially for me !

    who wants to help me?

    post scriptum: I ask your forgiveness for my pitiful English

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