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Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are appointed to a secret storage facility housing unusual artifacts in South Dakota after saving the life of the President. The agents are responsible for tracking down missing objects from all areas of the country, as well as monitoring for supernatural activity that might hint at the presence of a new object that they must acquire.
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  • Back On

    Yessss!!! the guys are back,,, best clean fun flick on TV.
  • Fun Fun fun show

    I watch this show because it's fun. Want to move away from the boring TV nowadays? Watch warehouse 13.

    Everything is fun, espescially the characters. Have to give great credit to Eddie McClintock's portrayal of Pete Lattimer, one of the best characters on TV ever!

    The plot is fun, a little cheesy but still fun. The acting all round is great and the show never runs out of ideas. Definitely worth watching. A shame about the cancellation but it's been a great show.moreless
  • Stop the Cancellation

    This show is awesome and the only reason aside from continuum that I still watch have filled the channel with so much crap reality programming that i am going to take SyFy off my favorites list as soon as the Warehouse is closed for business. I mean USA cancel's Psych,CBS may cancel Intelligence, and SyFy is about to kill Warehouse 13, this is like Firefly all over again, granted this is not nearly as good as Firefly, but it is close, and has had a greater chance to survive, but the SYFY execs are still pulling the plug way to early. I am begging you people at SyFy if you have any sense save Warehouse 13. Thank you for reading my thoughts if you did.moreless
  • Save the Warehouse

    This is yet another example of an excellent scifi show that is getting the axe way to early syfy is starting to disappoint me by taking all the good shows off and feeling the space with all this reality crap. if i wanted reality I wouldn't be watching TV. This is suppose to be my escape from reality and its not just the SyFy channel its all of them just like they did to Firefly, except Warehouse 13 at least got a few seasons, where as Firefly was was killed way before it's time just like WH13 because they have barely touched on all the mythology that could be brought in as artifacts. That is all you writers need to do come up with an artifact and what it does and the story will evolve around that.

    Kirk out.moreless
  • Sad Sad Sad Sad

    The show is now a goofy sad effort at comedy making one feel silly to sit thro it. The first episodes were great with great promise. Now I wonder who's funding it and why. We all know where to go for proper comedy. Kill the show already.

    Warehouse 13 Season 5 Premiere Review: Time After Time After Time

    In a way, "Endless Terror" fell short as a premiere, though I'll admit that it was mostly the knowledge of this being Warehouse 13's final season that raised my expectations so high.


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