Warehouse 13

Season 5 Episode 3

A Faire to Remember

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2014 on Syfy
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    Warehouse 13 "A Faire to Remember" Review: Holding Out for a Hero

    Despite the title and the promo and pretty much everything we knew about "A Faire to Remember" going in, this episode was very much a Claudia's-life-is-so-freaking-sad-and-don't-you-ever-forget-it story.

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    Pete and Steve search for a dangerous artifact at a Renaissance fair, while Claudia takes a risk to revive her sister from a coma.

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    • ham acting

      A decent storyline spoiled by slapstick, and ham acting.
    • loved it that's all I can say

      I loved this and can wait for the next episode , I really don't understand why this program was cancelled !!!!!!

    • Limited Time

      This I feel is another great one for the show. The Renasance Fair plot was fun, I really liked seeing the team up between both Jinx and Pete, both really are a good team and have a soild back and forth, it's a shame it didn't happen more in the show. I really love how for Pete he's practically in heaven but for Jinx the fair is a living hell. I could emphasize with Jinx's feeling of being someplace he doesn't really want to be, it's like how I felt when I was dragged to the Scottash Highland Games, man did I hate it.

      However the real heart for the show was in the plot with Claudia as she makes a desperate attempt to revive her sister Clare. The Clare character doesn't disappoint, she's cute and she has a bright and funny persona, but she's also highly sympathetic. I really like how she reacts when she's awakened which I felt was realistic, as well as certain things about our present time she doesn't understand, it would suck in fact be awful knowing that years of your life have been lost and so much has been missed out as she stated she didn't go to prom or graduate. That's acutally one of the things both have in common since years of Claudia's life were stolen from her, as she was I felt wrongfully institutionalized; this of course reflects the state of their relationship so much time lost. One funny moment was when she looked at her reflection and she says she's old and even panics a bit discovering she's in her thirties; personally I think that's a good number she still looks great.

      We see a side effect to Claudia's method of transference of an artifacts power got transferred to Mika. It was interesting seeing Mika becoming a villain, as we see the artifact inhibits the darkside of a person or whatever anxieties they keep hidden. Mika's weakness I've always felt has been isolating herself, it's never explored as to why but I get the feeling it could be may'be she was that person that has always been ignored, said no toward, few to no friends, relationships that didn't last or too few, to sum it up pretty much abandonment issues, which made me feel a little for Mika. It's a shame that Mika wasn't in villain mode a lot longer, it would of been really interesting seeing her become the next main villain which would make things complicated, let alone even see Clare and the rest go on some quest to find a cure if possible, but that's not the direction the final season was going so oh well. I also liked seeing how Mika has grown a little, after the ordeal she's been though she's learning that business loves nobody back and can go on without her. But also if there is something she needs in her life, she better get it, while she has time.

      Anyway, the back and forth between Clare and Claudia was great and very touching. I really liked that moment when both were at the coffee shop having a duet of the song "When I Grow Up" and then we see the constant flashback when they were both singing the same song when both were still young and had time on their hands. And of course the song is kinda sad and ironic in the episode since it was a song about people whom have time ahead of them, which is the tragedy of the episode both don't.

      The ending was both touching and really sad, when we see Claire makes the choice of sacrificing her time so Mika can have hers. Just seeing the looking on Claudia's face and both of them singing a little of that song one more time in a sad tone, really made my heart sink and put a tear in my eye. It just wasn't fair, Claudia was able to get her sister back and both just like back then were about to have adventures and time together, but once again it was taken away. Even liked in the end which was touching but also showed how deep the bond between Artie and Claudia is when we see thoughout most of his life when Clare was in a comatose state he has been searching for a cure, which shows he hasn't given up on Clare, despite how much time passed he didn't give up but most importantly that he cares.

      Despite the limited time Claudia and Clare had, it was the best time in their lifetime as Doctor Number Five from "Doctor Who" once said, "Small, insiginicant little things are what life is allmoreless
    • warehouse 13

      So far so good, love this show, sad to see it leaving us!! Farewell warehouse, awesome show!!!
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      • Pete: But I'm guessing Mr. Toad's Wild Chariot Ride has got to be related, right?
        Referencing the 1908 novel The Wind and the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, which focuses on four anthropomorphised animals: Mole, Ratty, Toad, and Badger. They have adventures in the pastoral early 20th century England countryside. It has been adapted into movies (including a 1949 Disney version) and TV movies on multiple occasions, and one TV series. "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is a dark ride at Disneyland: a similar one was at Walt Disney World but was closed in 1988.

      • Claudia: Yeah, just like Donkey Kong.
        Referencing the video game created in 1981 and subsequently redone in a variety of different formats by Nintento. The basic game features a construction worker, Mario, trying to climb a series of girders while a giant ape throws barrels down the ramps and ladders at him. The game has spawned numerous spinoffs and revised versions, as well as an animated TV series.

      • Claudia: And I can guarantee you Rolling Stone is not here to interview us.
        Referencing the long-running magazine dedicated to culture and politics, with a heavy focus on music and entertainment in its later years, first published in 1967.