Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 1

A New Hope

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2012 on Syfy



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  • Quotes

    • Claudia: Mrs. Frederic is dead. Steve is dead. H.G. is dead.
      Myka: I know, I watched her die. But every day, people die. Sometimes it's people we care about, and sometimes it's even people we love.

    • Artie: "Carregar O Botao." I don't know what that means.
      Myka: That's Portuguese. For, uh, "Push the button. (everyone stares) Really? This is still a surprise to you?

    • Claudia: Okay, so we have around 23 hours to find this... whatever the hell it is and it's anywhere in the world.
      Pete: I like beavers. I'll take Canada.

    • Artie: I hate running into the Knights of the Templar. They're always so intense and they're overly devoted to whatever kooky task they've been given.
      Pete: Yeah, that would be annoying.

    • Artie: Our minds are starting to interpret weather and music, sounds, colors in a darker, duller context. Our brains are producing far fewer endorphins.
      Myka: That explains why Pete didn't hit on that flight attendant.
      Peter: I know, right? That's not like me.

    • Claudia: Hey, Pooh Bear, you want to let me do that?
      Artie: Now do you see why it was important that you come along?
      Claudia: Yeah. I can just picture you trying to get through here. "Oh help, bother, I'm stuck!"
      Artie: All right, all right.
      Claudia: "I'm so rumbly in my tummy."
      Artie: Stop it.
      Claudia: Silly old bear.
      Artie: Enough.

    • Claudia: That's why it's a 24-hour stopwatch. Because Magellan was the first guy to sail all the way around the world.
      Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth-grade?
      Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the international dateline.
      Artie: I never tire of those comments.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: August 24, 2012 on SCI FI
      UK: September 6, 2012 on SyFy
      Canada: September 7, 2012 on Showcase

    • CCH Pounder and Jaime Murray are credited as "Starring" in the end credits. Brent Spiner is credited as Special Guest Star.

  • Allusions

    • Title:
      Referencing the chapter title of the fourth Star Wars movie, the first one to air in 1977. The movie was originally released as Star Wars, but when it was released in 1981, "A New Hope" was added to the title crawl.

    • Claudia: No, never give up, never surrender.

      Referencing the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub. The movie, which has aliens mistaking the actors of a '60s science fiction television series as real space travelers, parodies numerous science fiction television shows, primarily Star Trek. The motto of the crew are "Never give up, never surrender."

    • Claudia: Hey, Pooh Bear, you want to let me do that.

      Referencing the character created by A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh (1926), a rotund stuffed bear who on occasion gets stuck in a tree hole when trying to get inside to get the bees' honey.

    • Pete: Looks like it singed your fur a little bit there, Scrappy.

      Referencing Scrappy Cornelius Doo, the nephew of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Scooby Doo who was introduced in 1979. Voiced primarily by Don Messick, Scrappy was originally the polar opposite of his uncle: short and feisty, rather than tall and cowardly.