Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 19

All the Time in the World

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Very much the same as the other penultimate episodes from the past seasons.

    Very much the same as the other penultimate episodes from the past seasons. I have a feeling the finale will be pretty much the same as the last 3 finales too. Warehouse 13 needs something fresh and new instead of going as stale and musty as the artefacts.
  • Warehouse 13.

    So Paracelsus is the Alchemist and the brother of The Count (Sutton) and with the help of another Egyptian Artifact and The Philosophers Stone made Charlotte, Nick and Sutton immortal. So then Agents from Warehouse 9 had bronzed him, so meanwhile Artie finds out where Sutton is, so he sends Pete, Myka and Charlotte to Luxembourg. Sutton tells them that he is the one who split The Philosophers Stone in half just in case Sutton needed to use it again. So the four of them go to Istanbul to get the other half of the Stone in Paracelsus Laboratory and everything goes terribly wrong although Myka does happen to retrieve the Bronzing Artifact. Paracelsus manages to put back together The Philosophers Stone and turn Sutton, Nick and Charlotte mortal for good and then something horrible happens and Charlotte gets shot by Paracelsus and dies. Meanwhile Claudia is still Bronzed and she is starting to break into tiny pieces and something bad is happening back at the Warehouse to Mrs Frederic, she seems to be in a state of rapid Dementia. Regent Kosan knows what happening and it has to do with the Caretaker of the Warehouse and the Warehouse Files. The Keeper is the only one in each generation that holds this knowledge, highly classified secrets and The Keeper is none other than Abigail. Abigail performs a ritual using an Ancient Artifact and she says Paracelsus was becoming a dangerous threat not only to Warehouse 9 but to all mankind so The Regents had him Bronzed. Back at the Warehouse Claudia has been de Bronzed but Mrs Frederic's and Claudia are not well at all because it seems Paracelsus was also The Keeper of Warehouse 9. But the past takes precedence over the future. This Was Such A Fantastic Episode, Thumbs Up, (I Knew This Would Be A Two Part Season Finale). I Will Miss This Show Very Much.
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