Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 2

An Evil Within

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2012 on Syfy
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    Warehouse 13: Claudia's Magic Metronome

    Myka and Pete had a light week this week, but Claudia, who spent most of the Season 4 premiere trapped underground, had quite the emotional workout.

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    The Warehouse agents go after an artifact that causes persons to hallucinate and riot.

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    • An Evil Within

      An Evil Within was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Warehouse 13. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character and plot development as Artie tries to figure out the ramifications of his actions, Claudia and Jane bring Steve back, while Myka and Pete track down a dangerous artifact. It was interesting to see how Steve was brought back. I liked the artifact Pete and Myka were searching for because it was linked to H.P. Lovecraft. The ending was good as Artie envisions darkness and Claudia stabbing him with a dagger. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Attack of the Tenticles

      This wasnt a good episode for me because of so many missed moments. First off the guy out for revenge story was based on a massively unlikely premise; its within our nature as human beings to help in that situation, so for people to just walk away unaffected by a dying person, unreal to say the list. The directing on how Myka and Pete handle the case was a bit strange; especially Pete trying to reason with the gym members, After years of working with in the warehouse and seeing the effects of so many artifects how on earth can he not realise that his pleads were useless, it just seemed like they just wanted to create a comic moment, which would have worked if he had tried to run away or isolate himself in the first place then just end up in a populated place. What they did was simply not worth it.

      As for Resurecting Jinx, why why why. The character was blunt in the first place an now he is back. First off Pete's mom's actions are strange, she might be a rable but since when has an artifect of such power resulted in anything good? Claudia's appeal to Jinx was meant to endear her but she just came off as increadibly selfish and for her to say damn the consiquences knowing full well the potential impact of artifects just seemed massively self absorned and I like Her very much.

      Finally Artie's story was nicely done with all the build up but a bit of a letdown in the end. they should have just made the stakes higher by indicating something starting to go wrong and he can do little to stop it.moreless
    Kate Mulgrew

    Kate Mulgrew

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    Seann Gallagher

    Ron Hadsell

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    Lindsay Leese


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    Faran Tahir

    Faran Tahir

    Adwin Kosan

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    Brent Spiner

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    Aaron Ashmore

    Aaron Ashmore

    Steve Jinks

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Brother Adrian: Delicious scones, by the way.
        Artie: Scones and evil, that's what we do.

      • Myka: We're Secret Service, all right? We have a lot of experience, dealing with this, uh, this sort of thing.
        Pete: She's right, that's right, Look, see. We, uh, we even brought the right equipment.
        Jimmy: What are you, like, the Men in Black?
        Pete: Yeah, yeah, we kinda are.
        Myka: Sure, why not?

      • Claudia: God, I'm sorry any of it happened. But if you think I'm gonna apologize for bringing you back, I'm not! You know, maybe it was completely selfish of me. Maybe I ruined your karma or put a kink in your plan to achieve enlightenment and come back as a butterfly or whatever Buddhists do. Maybe I've upset the whole cosmos. I don't care! I would do it all again. I really hope you can forgive me... but it's okay if you don't. You know, as long as you're here. The world's a better place with you in it, Jinksy. My world is, anyway.
        Steve: It's just... it's weird. Okay? I don't know what I feel or how I feel. Hell, I don't even know if I feel. it's going to take some time.
        Claudia: I get that. I totally get it. And, you know, if you decide you want to be a butterfly, we can always stop the metronome.
        Steve: Let's not rush into anything.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Pete: Man, it's like Indiana Jones with snakes.

        Referencing the famous fictional archaeologist portrayed by Harrison Ford in four feature movies. When not teaching college archaeology courses, the whip-wielding Indy travels the world seeking out relics and fighting bad guys in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Indy has a fear of snakes, a running gag throughout the movies.

      • Jimmy: Like, the Men in Black?

        Referencing the 1997 movie Men in Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as government agents dedicated to dealing with alien menaces. The movie spawned an animated series and two sequels.