Warehouse 13

Season 2 Episode 6

Around The Bend

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2010 on Syfy
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Mrs. Frederic chooses Pete for an undercover assignment that brings him into conflict with a former love... and his current teammates.

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  • Pete fools around with some artifacts, gets zapped and starts to hallucinate.

    This has got to be the worst episode I've seen to date. I have enjoyed this series up to now but after this episode, I'll be rethinking if I want to continue to watch it. This episode got me teeth clenching and grated. How can someone like Pete who acts so childishly be handpicked to be an agent for the Warehouse? This is not the first time that the agents (I think Claudia did it not too long ago) have not taken the artifacts seriously and have either caused themselves or others to be affected. Don't they know these artifacts can cause serious harm/deaths? And the writers will have us believe that this bunch of idiots have been entrusted to safeguard the "security of the planet"? I can understand if some bad guy uses the artifacts for evil and the Warehouse agents go after them but for the guardians themselves to do so, and not intentionally but always "accidentally", the writers must really have a low opinion of their audience's intelligence. I like my heroes to be heroes, not childish, immature nutcases who will blow up the world because of their own stupidity. If the writers continue with such rubbish, I will not be surprised if this series gets canceled. No, I will in fact, hope for it.moreless
  • Finally, a serious version of Pete

    The first few episodes of this season got me so used to the idea of this show being a bit light and wacky that I wasn't expecting it to deliver a dark and intense hour with this level of complexity. For a good stretch of the story, I didn't make the connection between Pete's impulsive play with the museum displays and his subsequent breakdown.

    That has a lot to do with how well they've established the Regents as a rather sinister force. It's never been a secret that the Warehouse is considered to be something worth killing over, or that the agents associated with it make a tremendous sacrifice of freedom to protect it and the unsuspecting public. But this episode really drove that home for me.

    It also made me wonder what could have possessed Claudia, as a relatively young woman with plenty of other options, to get involved with such a questionable situation. I'm sure there's a first season episode that gets into all of that, but she seemed a bit taken aback by the extent of her potential liability. While the artifacts are certainly cool and the idea of hunting them down and studying them is palpable, I can't help but wonder if she really thought the consequences through to the bitter end.

    I've not been the biggest fan of Eddie McCormick since I started watching, as he is too often playing the goofy comic relief. But this episode really showcased his range, and I have to give the man due credit. There was little doubt that the situation was going to be resolved, but it was important that Pete never compromise on his perception of the situation.

    If there is one complaint I have for this episode, it was the resolution to the crisis. I have no idea what Artie did at the end, and I was paying fairly close attention. It just seemed like a lot of hand-waving to me, which is not particularly satisfying. Also, I thought the consequences were a bit lacking, though it's possible that will come into play later in the season. But those were two minor nitpicks in an otherwise solid episode.moreless
Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere

Kate Logan

Guest Star

J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux

Lenny Malone

Guest Star

Andrew Hinkson

Andrew Hinkson

Museum Guard

Guest Star

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Mrs. Frederic

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As Pete and Myka run down the alleyway to find Malone, a Parliament Furniture store can be clearly seen in the background. There is no Parliament Furniture in Lakefield, IL, although there is one in Toronto, Canada, 465 Parliament St, where the series films.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Pete: (working a telegraph) News flash! Stop. Bering to admit she was wrong. Stop. Pigs standing by for maiden flight.
      Myka: Stop!

    • Kate: I thought fishing you out of custody would be like old times, Lattimer, but you and your friend are both fully clothed. They catch you too early or too late?
      Pete: Well, I've matured since then. I get arrested in my pants all the time now.

    • Artie: This is Benedict Valda. He's one of the Regents.
      Pete: Our Regents? The Regents?
      Artie: No, Pete, the South Dakota Board of Regents. Yes, the Regents.

    • Mrs. Frederic: Patience, Mr. Lattimer.
      Pete: Right, well, I'm not too good with patience.
      Mrs. Frederic: Challenge yourself.

    • Claudia: You want to talk about this?
      Artie: This is why I said leave it alone.
      Claudia: Then maybe you shouldn't have put it on the computer. That's like me leaving a cake out with a note on it that says, "Not for Artie."
      Artie: That was one time and I... don't you have a boyfriend that you could be irritating instead of me?

    • Claudia: This is a list of ways to kill me.
      Artie: Oh, they're not... all killing you. There's other options here.
      Claudia: "Erase her memory"?
      Artie: Well, that's comparatively humane.
      Claudia: "Drop her in a non-English-speaking country."
      Artie: See, they're just trying to stall for time. They know you'll going to find your way back.
      Claudia: That doesn't make me feel any better!
      Artie: Don't you think that there's a file like this on all of us? Don't you know that there's one with my name on it?
      Claudia: And are you okay with that?
      Artie: Claudia... you are a valued member of this team and no one is gonna erase your memory or dispose of your body in a vat of acid.
      Claudia: Is that on here too? Oh, my God, Number 43, on the back.

    • Kate: Either that, or you've gone way too far making up an excuse to see me.
      Pete: No. It isn't me. You're still hot, but not "trash your place just to get a date" hot.
      Kate: It's happened.
      Pete: I'm sure.

    • Artie: Why did you let him touch all those things?
      Myka: What am I, his kindergarten teacher? Plus, you know, we didn't know there would be two artifacts in the same place.
      Artie: Myka, it's a museum. It is filled with things from historical events. Anything there could be an artifact. You cannot let him touch anything.
      Myka: Artie, it's Pete, okay? It's a win when he doesn't lick anything.

    • Pete: Oh, God. Are you here to kill me?
      Mrs. Frederic: If I was, you'd already be dead, and I'd be halfway to dinner.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Pete: We can't be as brilliant as Sherlock Lattimer.
      With his use of a pipe and mention of Watson, referencing famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and first saw print in 1887 in A Study in Scarlet. He went on to appear in three further novels, 56 short stories, and numerous movies, TV series, plays, homages, and pastiches.

    • Kate: Mr. Peanut. Very sexy.
      Referencing the Planters Peanuts advertising mascot since 1916. The anthropomorphic peanut is a man-sized yellow peanut with black stick legs and arms, a face at one end, and as noted wears a top hat, monocle, and cane.

    • Claudia: Silly wabbit.
      Primarily referencing Trix Cereal, and the Trix Rabbit, a white humanoid rabbit which is always trying to trick kids into giving it a bowl of Trix Cereal. The rabbit almost inevitably fails, and the kids says, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" "wabbit" and Claudia's pronunciation references Elmer J. Fudd, the long suffering nemesis of Bugs Bunny, another humanoid rabbit

    • Claudia: Cool, I'm the star of a Ludlum novel.
      Referencing the novels of Robert Ludlum, who wrote 25 thrillers before his death. All of his novels revolve around conspiracies and mysteries. Among the best known are the "Bourne" novels, which were made into movies in 2002, 2004, and 2007, but a number of his other works have also been adapted as films and miniseries.

    • Pete: Like, Keyser Soze bad.
      Referencing the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects, which tells the tale via flashback of a massacre at a ship docked in Los Angeles. Kevin Spacey plays "Verbal" Kint, who is testifying in return for immunity. The secretive mastermind of the operation is "Keyser Soze," and it is eventually revealed that Kint is in fact Keyser Soze.