Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Warehouse mythology and back story is added

    I enjoyed this episode a lot as it introduced the idea of the warehouse and its history and who oversees the work of W13. The central story is getting quite interesting and the idea of McPherson and his fall from grace is also a good storyline. But again the addition of a light, fun story of Claudia messing around in the warehouse, prevents the story from really gelling. I really wish they would stick to a more serious storyline, rather than trying to be everything to everyman. Still I enjoyed it overall and think its entertaining.
  • Artie goes to deliver everyone's reports and is summoned to meet with the superiors so they can question him about his recent actions. Meanwhile Claudia has a mishap and Myka and Pete end up getting swept up into a major breakdown of the Warehouse.

    While interesting and informative the Artie part of this episode was superfluous. Either they need to let Artie go or allow him to do his thing. It seems level heads prevail and Artie is allowed to deal with MacPherson as he may be the only person capable of handling the situation.

    Much more interesting was the hike through the Warehouse. It is always fun to see what kind of gadgets they can get in trouble with. It is one of the quaint fun parts of this show. Allison Scagliotti character Claudia is getting downright infectious. Also she, Myka and Pete have excellent chemistry.

    I loved the Dodgeball sequence and that was quick thinking from Pete about catching the ball. That silly string was a little creepy as it seemed to get more sticky the more it was handled. The replica Leena house was also creepy. That painting on the wall was strange but it seemed pretty easy to defeat once they figured out it was there. Myka saves Pete's bacon at the end with the typewriter. It's a soul sucking typewriter! I think computers are that way sometimes!

    I expected Artie to ask about how far from annihilation they had gotten when they explained themselves. It was funny and unexpected when he said he got below 20 and her voice (Mrs. Frederic's) gets really annoying when she starts the individual number countdown.

    Sometimes one story just outshines the other. I think they felt it was necessary to show the structure of the organization the agents work for. Unfortunately I don't think it worked on some levels and was kind of boring. Oh well, better luck next time. At least we had fun in the Warehouse! Thanks for reading...
  • No artifact hunting this time...

    Well Well. I love it when TV shows experiment with out of the ordinary plots. And for a relatively uninteresting show, this experiment worked out really well.

    Artie is summoned by a bunch of regents who are the higher officials as far as Warehouse 13 matters are concerned. They start to doubt Artie's future in the secret ops owing the Macphereson fiasco. Artie puts up with a 'I can't do anything, unless you trust me' act and gets away with it. There wasn't much of a story in that, except that we get a glimpse of W13's power structure.

    Back in the warehouse Claudia messes up with an artifact, causing the neutralizer system to shut down. Pete, Myka, and Claudia go through an adventure of sorts to set things right. The forced humor was very apparent here, and we clearly got the feeling that the story was meant to be taken in a lighter vein. Whatever was the motive, as viewers, I guess it was good to see the three younger ones team up together.

    Fine episode overall.