Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2009 on Syfy



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    • Pete: Done! I win! Ha ha ha ha!
      Myka: It's not a race.
      Pete: Said the tortoise to the hare.
      Myka: You know, in the story, the tortoise actually wins.
      Pete: It's a fairy tale. How is a turtle going to beat a rabbit?
      Myka: It's not a fairy tale. It's a fable, a life lesson. "Slow and steady wins the race."
      Pete: Here's a life lesson. Pete fast, Pete win.

    • Artie: Myka, one day will you know all answers to all questions. Just not today.

    • Claudia: What else? Okay, "repair auto-vac." Slice-o-pie. "Tighten and lubricate zip line." Sounds kind of kinky when you say it like that.

    • Myka: So if it isn't Mrs. Frederic, who's getting those reports?
      Pete: I don't know. Mr. Frederic? Claudia! I brought doughnuts. (looks guilty) Doughnut.

    • Myka: I just hope she's okay, you know?
      Pete: Claudia's like bamboo. You can bend her all you want, but she'll never break.

    • Myka: "Baylor Dodgeball. Used for military dexterity and agility training. Multiplies upon contact." That we already know. "Acquired after the... bludgeoning deaths of five cadets in 1972."
      Pete: Uh, uh, bludgeoning is b-bad.
      Myka: Agreed, Agreed.

    • Theadora: Hi, there, welcome to Ted's. I'm Theadora, but everyone calls me "Ted." Party of one?
      Artie: (about Mrs. Frederic) No, no, I'm meeting that woman right over there and it's rarely a party.

    • Artie: You really expect me to believe that...?
      Valda: What exactly were you expecting, Mr. Nielsen? Hooded cloaked figures standing in half-light around a perpetually burning flame?
      Regent Archer: He's seen too many movies.
      Artie: I... You know, I just would have thought that... this waitress is a Regent?
      Valda: John Adams was a farmer. Abraham Lincoln was a small-town lawyer. Plato, Socrates were teachers. Jesus was a carpenter. To equate judgment and wisdom with occupation is at best... insulting.

    • Myka: We need to get back to the office.
      Claudia: Oh, no need. "What are you doing wasting time installing backup terminals in the aisles, foolish red-haired girl?" Because you never know when you might need one, Artie.

    • Claudia: Okay, looks like the problem is in the gooery.
      Pete: What's a gooery?
      Myka: I'm guessing it's Claudia-speak for the neutralizer processor center.
      Claudia: Uh-huh.
      Pete: Right, of course.
      Myka: Well, it's chapter 197 in the manual.
      Pete: It's a thousand pages long. I'll wait for the movie.

    • Pete: Okay, fine, but you stick close, and you do exactly as we say.
      Claudia: All right. Suicide mission with the team. Kind of exciting. I'm excited! Come on.

    • Claudia: It's sealed with an Omega level security code.
      Myka: Can you hack it?
      Claudia: Pope, Catholic, bear, woods. You know the drill.

    • Artie: So am I fired?
      Mrs. Frederic: Worse. They want you to stay. Bering and Lattimer are not the best agents we've ever had. You are.
      Artie: They said that?
      Mrs. Frederic: It was said. And they were smart enough to believe me.
      Artie: Oh. Thanks.
      Mrs. Frederic: Simply the facts.

    • Myka: You're good. No, you're really good. You'll be fine.
      Claudia: Thanks. Hey, um, you know, if you're not busy later, maybe you could show me how to do that ka-cha kick thing? 'Cause, like I tried it on the light switch and I think I broke my toe. And I know I broke the light switch.

    • Artie: How long did you have before the warehouse was gonna explode?
      Pete: Under a minute.
      Claudia: More like thirty seconds.
      Artie: That's lucky. I once got there with 17, and (Mrs. Frederic's) voice gets really annoying when she's counting down the seconds one at time.

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    • Pete: Yeah, how very Salvador Dali.
      Referencing the Spanish Catalan surrealist artist (1904-1989), best known for his paintings such as The Persistence of Memory, which featured melting clocks. Dali also worked in the fields of sculpture, photography, film, and theater.