Warehouse 13

Season 2 Episode 11

Buried (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2010 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Valda says that the poison that killed the three students is a combination of hematite and natron. Hematite is merely a form of iron oxide. While long-term exposure can cause siderosis (iron poisoning), it would not do anything to "mummify" a living being as shown here whether combined with natron or not.

  • Quotes

    • Pete: So, what do you think?
      Myka: About you moving in with Kelly?
      Pete: Well, yeah. I mean, is it even kosher?. You know, warehouse-wise. Right. I forgot who I was asking
      Myka: What is that supposed to mean?
      Pete: She's a tech nerd, she's 150, and you're... Myka. Not exactly relationship success stories.
      Claudia: Hey, I just got out of a serious relationship.
      Pete: You didn't "get out." He had to change his identity and move to a different state.
      Claudia: By order of the Justice Department! Point taken.
      Helena: I know a thing or two about the opposite sex. Many of my lovers were men.
      Pete: We're gonna follow up on that at a later date, but, for now, can we bring the focus back round to moi?

    • Mrs. Frederic: Agent Latimer. This is unlike anything you've ever faced.
      Pete: So... like always then.

    • Pete: That's right, dig it. Who solved the test of the mind? Pete did.
      Myka: Only because you order off the children's menu.
      Pete: Someone's buying me pancakes for a year!

    • Dr. Calder: How do you feel?
      Mrs. Frederic: Well, I won't be running a marathon anytime soon.
      Dr. Calder: No, certainly not in those heels.

    • Pete: That's two I got, you know.
      Myka: I know.
      Pete: You solved one, and I solved two.
      Myka: I know.
      Pete: It's not a contest.
      Myka: You're right. You're right. It's not a contest.
      Pete: But if it were... I'd be winning.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Pete: Oh, mi amor.
      Referencing the TV series The Addams Family. Wife Morticia saying anything in French inevitably drives her husband into a romantic frenzy where he exclaims mi amor! and kisses up and down her arm, just as Pete does here when Kelly speaks Spanish.

    • Pete: Um, "singular sensation"?
      Referencing the 1975 musical A Chorus Line by James Kirkwood Jr., Nicholas Dante, Edward Kleban, and Marvin Hamlisch. The musical is set on a stage during the tryouts for a musical, and each of the dancers ("gypsies") is forced to tell the director something about themselves. The reference here is to the musical number One, and the lyrics "One... singular sensation."

    • Pete: "Is the loneliest number"?
      Referencing the song One, by Harry Nilsson. The full line is "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do."

    • Claudia: I don't buy our three young Indiana Joneses just stumbled into it as a school project.

      Referencing the famous fictional archaeologist portrayed by Harrison Ford in four feature movies. When not teaching college archaeology courses, the whip-wielding Indy travels the world seeking out relics and fighting bad guys in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

    • Helena: I checked. This is what fashionable British archaeologists are wearing these days.
      Referencing Lara Croft, although the name is unmentioned but the clothing style is unmistakable. The (originally) animated character appeared in the 1996 video game Tomb Raider and has gone on to appear in comic books, novels, advertisements, and two feature movies.

    • Helena: Then once more into the breach, dear friends.
      Referencing William Shakespeare's play Henry V, Act III, 1598. Henry V gives an inspirational speech to his English soldiers to launch their attack on a gap in the wall at the city of Harfleur.