Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2009 on Syfy
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Pete and Myka take on a previous agent's assignment after the man's corpse turns up in the basement of a St. Louis police station.

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  • Cool Artifact and Interesting Storyline

    Another enjoyable episode, I enjoyed the idea in the storyline, and thought it was an interesting idea, something I hadn't heard of before. I liked also how they created some history to W13. Continues to entertain!
  • Things finally workout for Warehouse13

    After trashing the previous two episodes, I am pleasantly surprised to see this episode click. I am not saying that I've been wowed by this episode, it is just that it had all the ingredients of a enjoyable syfy.

    I loved the fact that the whole installment was intense right from the beginning. Though the whole electrocution concept was lifted straight from Fringe, nevertheless, linking it to an artifact that harvests electricity from spine was a decent explanation. Bringing in an old warehouse agent was an excellent idea, and it does add a welcome change from seeing the droll of the usual characters. For once the writers have tried to pace the drama rather than glorifying the artifact with some substandard special effects. The acting continues to be pathetic. Though late, it might be a good idea to replace Joanne Kelly. The rest are at least getting better with episodes.

    Decent stuff.moreless
  • There is one flaw in this episode, and it distracted me.

    Why didn't they throw some of the goop on the spine? Why didn't Myka think, "Gee, Pete. The Saracen's spine is on your back! Don't we have something to neutralize it... Neutralize... Like some liquid neutralizer...." Really? They could have at least tried it, and then they discover it doesn't work. Instead, Pete electrocutes himself. I'm sorry, but the writers need some consistency. So....... Just have to fill out the rest. Bop bop shoowop. 42. Yeah, I said it. Have a problem? 12 more words. 15. 14. 13. 12. You can have whatever you like... I'm 14... Reading War and Peace.moreless
  • Finally a respectably decent episode. Good guest appearance by Roberta Maxwell as Rebecca. Claudia proves a good addition to the team.

    Well, i've been on the fence about this show mostly finding it leaning heavily toward unwatchable status as childish predictable episode after childish predictable episode was aired. The thing that kept me watching was the two excellent lead actors and their likeable characters of and chemistry between Pete and Myka. In this episode, there is welcome turn toward a more serious tone with some pretty decent plot twists, which i've come to not expect from this show. Another big improvement is having Claudia on the team - Artie on his own is somehow insufferable, but having Claudia there affectionately making fun of his squareness is a welcome source of comic relief. And C's super-smarts along with her emotional vulnerability add a welcome new dynamic to the core mix (which IMO was not dynamic enough before). There were also some intriguing hints of a darker side to the warehouse laid down by former warehouse agent Rebecca played just exactly right by Roberta Maxwell. Enjoyable ep and will watch with interest to see if the positive quality trend continues!moreless
  • Pete and Myka go to St. Louis to investigate a case of a bunch of people burned to death but with no sign of an explosion. They find a long missing Warehouse 13 Agent and a lot more. Claudia is working with Artie at Warehouse 13 and jazzing things up.moreless

    One of the better episodes of this first season. We get a view at how long the Warehouse has existed and some of the history and how it's preserved. Obviously they must have a lot of lost or dead agents during the long history of the Warehouse. It looked like Artie had six or seven files in his hand just relating to the time around the 60's.

    Claudia looks like she's around for the long haul. She and Artie have a funny relationship. Artie certainly is not use to having anyone around. I think it would take some time to get use to it. Nice little invention she came up with and of course it really helped in this case.

    It was very cool to meet Rebecca Sinclair played by Roberta Maxwell. We get to see something about the 60's warehouse and how the agents obviously have been chosen over the years. Jack Secord was obviously a lot like Pete and Rebecca and Myka are very similar personalities. It was interesting and ominous what Rebecca told Myka at the end about getting out of there as soon as possible.

    The artifact was extremely dangerous and one would wonder how it really came to be. Spine of the Serison conceived in the 11th century before electricity was discovered. How many lives would this type of weapon have taken over history. You would think it would have been known long before this. I would have liked to know more about how or exactly when it was discovered or invented originally and by who.

    An enjoyable episode with some very interesting dialogue. The acting was superb and the story line was well done except for the actual artifact. The background was a little light for the capability and danger of the artifact. Still a lot of fun. Thanks for reading...moreless
Roberta Maxwell

Roberta Maxwell

Rebecca Sinclair

Guest Star

Al Sapienza

Al Sapienza

Captain Powell

Guest Star

David Carty

David Carty

Reggie Hinton

Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Claudia Donovan

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    • Pete: I thought we were gonna get a break. Did you ask Artie?
      Myka: Yeah, he laughed for about five minutes.
      Pete: I guess that's an answer.
      Myka: You know, I'm not asking for two weeks, in Tahiti, you know? I just want to get couple of days to go out of Podunk Dakota, and go someplace that serves martinis.
      Pete: Well, you are looking pretty ragged---those bags under your eyes and... wha...I'm supporting you here.
      Myka: It's very helpful. Thank you.

    • Artie: Unfortunately, the Warehouse filing system never quite caught up to the computer age.
      Claudia: Like your wardrobe?
      Artie: What? These are earth tones. They never go out of style.

    • Claudia: So he smoked... a lot.
      Artie: Hey, it was the 60s. Everybody smoked.

    • Rebecca: Would you like some tea and cookies?
      Myka: No.
      Pete: Yes, please. Yeah, please.. I, yeah, uh, I just... I like cookies.
      Myka: He does.

    • Claudia: You want me to do, you know, scan it in? Do my thing?
      Artie: You go, girl.
      Claudia: Don't.
      Artie: Sorry.
      Claudia: Yeah.
      Artie: Okay.
      Claudia: That's wrong.
      Artie: Yeah.

    • Artie: It's the words under this drawing, and loosely translated, it says, "The spine requires a lifetime commitment."
      Pete: Oh, yeah, man I had a girlfriend like that once.

    • Pete: Man, this trip really killed me.
      Artie: Would you not...? Could you stop that, please?
      Pete: Seriously, I am totally dead.
      Claudia: Hey, I'm surprised to see you alive.
      Artie: Don't encourage him.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Claudia: Holy bed-and-breakfast, Batman.
      The expression, and the costume, references Robin the Boy Wonder, specifically the '60s Batman series with Burt Ward as Robin. The character's trademark in the series was inevitably saying "Holy _____, Batman!" with such words as Horseshoe, Sardine, Heartbreak, Flypaper, Red Herring and dozens more.

    • Artie: Yeah, before there was texting, Grasshopper…
      Referencing Kung Fu (1972-75), starring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine. "Grasshopper" was the nickname his master addressed him by at the Shaolin temple.

    • Claudia: Well, dude, Ripley's Believe It or Not…
      Referencing the franchise created by Robert Leroy Ripley, dealing in bizarre events and oddities. The franchise includes a radio program, a newspaper cartoon strip, books, museums, and Ripley's Believe it or Not, which was originally seen from 1949-1950 on NBC and was revived twice, once on ABC in the 80's and again on the cable/satellite network TBS from 2000-2003.

    • Live long and prosper:
      Although the phrase itself isn't spoken, Claudia greets Rebecca with the traditional hand Vulcan hand sign from the TV series Star Trek. The gesture, with the pointer-middle and ring-little fingers held together separately and parted in the middle to form a V, is used as both a greeting and farewell by Vulcans.