Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2009 on Syfy
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A woman kidnaps Artie and insists that he help her recover her brother... who was lost in an artifact-related experiment 12 years ago.

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  • Best episode so far

    I enjoyed this episode. I thought the storyline was quite good and I enjoyed the special effects. The new cast members I liked. Overall I think I will carry on and watch the rest of the season.
  • W13 should have never been a TV show in the first place...

    Episode 4 of this freshman show has clearly laid out a few ground rules, if you wish to be a loyal viewer. One - W13 is boring, which explains why it is not on any of the major networks. Two- the actors are underpaid, which explains why they look ridiculous and zombie like when they read out lines. Three- Wonder why W13 produces an episode with only 3 or 4 characters at best; simple - they out to find a trade off between paying actors and paying special effects personnel. So deal with it.

    So now we know who hacked into the warehouse and the reasons behind it. And honestly, it couldn't have been made any worse. Pete and Myka didn't really have a pivotal role in this episode, and that doesn't really figure out as my greatest regret. The whole secret service concept is a huge insult to the secret service, who have been glorified in the entertainment business. Warehouse 13 can definitely do much better with more gripping storylines. It's not like the concept has spelled doom for the show. It depends on the writers, who I feel need a truckload of inspiration.moreless
  • Artie is kidnapped by Claudia Donovan a girl who wants Artie to bring her brother back.

    Started to watch this show regularly now. It's not a bad show at all.

    This series does presents a lot of interesting storyline relating on special artifacts.

    Here Artie is kidnapped by Claudia Donovan (thus the name of the episode Claudia). Claudia lost her brother who was working on a teleportation device using a special compass. Artie believes the brother dead until he sees him with his own eyes.

    Artie and the girl try to work on what went wrong and try to bring the brother back.

    This was an entertaining episode. You didn't know how it would end. Would Artie save the brother? Would the girl live or die?

    I thought the cast did great with the story which was decent to begin with.moreless
  • Artie has to solve a case on his own

    What I liked most about the episode is how worried Myka and Pete are about Artie. They desperately look for him and try to help him solve that case. Even when it means they have to deal with Mrs. Frederickson.

    The case was not that good, since I think it was all about Artie and we got to see little of the two main characters and their usual banter. Two things will be interesting to watch in upcoming episodes if addressed: What will happen with Claudia and if Myka will ever talk about her dead fiancee. Two episodes ago she has a vision and it still affects her.moreless
  • Artie is kidnapped by a girl from his past. Pete and Myka are ordered to stay at the Warehouse but when they figure out who grabbed Artie they go after her. While investigating they stumble upon Rheticus' puzzles which may help Artie succeed in the end.moreless

    A little slow versus the first three episodes. I think the constant flashbacks and weird anomalous special effects were good but they didn't really do anything for the story. Also I am not sure if having Artie the focal point of an episode regularly would be a good idea. Saul Rubinek does a great job but the way they have developed his character really makes him more of an ancillary character except where the Warehouse itself is concerned.

    Claudia Donovan played by Allison Scagliotti was portrayed as a person who was in a drug induced state and slightly off her rocker. The actress did a good job but I am not sure that was what the writers were going for. Unfortunately that is what we got. I think she became more sympathetic later in the episode as we understood her dilemma but the negativity built initially was hard to overcome. I get the feeling that she will become a regular or recurring character based on the last conversation between Mrs. Frederic and Artie and the fact I think that was a shot of her in the coming attraction for next weeks show.

    I liked the interaction between Pete and Myka except that I wish they would tone down the panic looks and actions by Myka's characters. It doesn't really go with her being a highly advanced Secret Service Agent if every time something doesn't go her way she sort of goes loopy! It was significant that based on Myka's findings of Rheticus work that Pete was able to find the first puzzle therefore setting the solution to Artie's problem in motion. He deduced this based on his observation of the way Myka does things.

    I certainly enjoyed the episode but I hope this is not the general direction they take the show. The situation in the zoo at the beginning may have been a better story to focus on. Thanks for reading...moreless
Sophi Knight

Sophi Knight

Young Claudia

Guest Star

Marium Carvell

Marium Carvell

Mrs. Richman

Guest Star

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Mrs. Frederic

Recurring Role

Tyler Hynes

Tyler Hynes

Joshua Donovan

Recurring Role

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Claudia Donovan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Pete: No more zoos, okay? From now on, if an artifact is at a zoo, we leave it there.
      Myka: Monkeys spit. Artie, do you know that? They... they spit, and it is not pleasant.

    • Myka: Sleep. You look... you look terrible.
      Artie: Thank you very much. You still have some monkey phlegm in your hair.
      Myka: It's not phlegm...

    • Myka: So can we put out an APB or alert the authorities.
      Mrs. Frederic: We are the authorities. What did you learn from the durational spectrometer?
      Pete: The spectro...
      Mrs. Frederic: It shows the afterimages of anyone who's been in the room in the last five hours.
      Pete: You kidding me? Yeah, that's like our favorite thing, with all the lights and so forth.

    • Pete: My sister taught me how to read lips.
      Myka: Why does your sister...?
      Pete: Uh, the deaf find it handy.

    • Myka: Mrs. Frederic said we should stay here.
      Pete: Really? I didn't hear that.
      Myka: Neither did I.

    • Myka: Rheticus.
      Pete: Rheti-who?
      Myka: He was a, uh mathematician and mapmaker. A student of Copernicus. Yes, Pete, I read books growing up.
      Pete: Right. Why go to the prom?
      Myka: Of course you did.
      Pete: Yeah, three times in one night.
      Myka: Mmm.
      Pete: It's a long story.
      Myka: I bet it is. I bet it is.

    • Artie: Just... you know, just to clarify, you decided to re-create a clearly dangerous, potentially deadly experiment?
      Claudia: Oh, sure, it sounds bad when you say it like that.

    • Artie: You're lucky I have an emergency travel kit in the trunk of my car.
      Claudia: Well, "Serendipity" is my stripper name.

    • Pete: Let me guess, you speak Latin too.
      Myka: Okay. Make one more nerd joke and I'm going to point out how you're losing your hair.

    • Claudia: Yeah, I'm here. I'm here. Wait, I'm here? You took me to the inter-dimensional space? You were supposed to get him out, d-bag.
      Joshua: No, he was supposed to destroy it. Clearly he's insane.
      Artie: Children, don't fight. I can be both a d-bag and insane.

    • Artie: Yeah, just out of curiosity, by the way, how exactly did you figure out the secret-panel thing?
      Pete: Well, each artifact is an extension of the person, Artie. We gleaned what we needed from the person.
      Artie: Mm-hmm. Mrs. Frederic. I thought so.
      Pete: No, hey, hey, you know what? She's pretty scary. If we hadn't found something, she probably would have glared us to death.
      Artie: Yeah. You have no idea.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Claudia: And reading Maria Looney on the Red Planet to me every night.
      Referencing the 1977 book by Jerome Beatty, Jr., part of the Matthew & Maria Looney series. The brother and sister live on the Moon as members of an indigenous species and have a variety of adventures.

    • Claudia: Chill out, Obi-Wan, okay?

      Referencing the Star Wars series and the wise Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Alec Guinness in episodes 4-6 and Ewan McGregor in episodes 1-3.