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Warehouse 13 S04E18: "Lost & Found"

OMG Nick bronzed our Claudia. Nick is so going down. He also apparently defied his mom by going on the run with the alchemist Parcelsus (Anthony Head because it's like a Buffy reunion this season or something), and I would eagerly anticipate Evil Mommy Charlotte going all, well, evil on him—but apparently Charlotte has been demoted from villain to probable hero and all of her past evildoing has been in an attempt to ditch the immortality thing that she and her son (and husband, wherever he is) have going on because immortality ain't all it's cracked up to be. Duh. We all read Tuck Everlasting in elementary school—well, all of us except Nick, because he's been stuck at age 15 for the past 500 years. No wonder he's so irate. Five hundred years of being stuck at the worst part of puberty. 

When a ping led Artie, Myka, and Pete to a cache of artifacts stolen during the transition between Warehouse 12 and Warehouse 13, Charlotte decided to play nice in order to, she hoped, get her hands on the Philosopher's Stone (yes, Pete, like from Harry Potter), which could reverse her family's sucky immortality. I think we know what artifact is going to come into play with Myka's cancer storyline. 

I've had—and continue to have—my doubts about Warehouse 13's ability to not turn Myka's storyline into a travesty, but all things considered, this episode did okay. I especially liked the repeated fake-outs of Myka revealing her unfortunate news to her team and highlighting a range of possible responses from Pete. 

Myka's outburst over Charlotte's quest to become mortal was also very well done. Under normal circumstances, Myka would have more than likely signed up for Team Mortality because it's generally acknowledged that living forever would suck after a generation or two of watching everyone you love drop dead a la the aforementioned Tuck Everlasting, every vampire book ever, Foreveretc. However, when you've been handled a possible death sentence in the middle of your prime, it becomes a lot harder to listen to the immortal chick whine about how unfair eternal life is and not resent her just a wee bit. 

Myka has been written very honestly and unflinchingly human in the wake of her diagnosis . The introduction of the Philosopher's Stone as an artifact that grants (or un-grants?) immortality seems to slide right into Myka's story as the artifact that could save her, giving the warehouse agents a more pressing reason to team up with Charlotte in search of its other half. However, artifacts tend to have their downsides, and even though Warehouse 13 has been very lax lately with what used to be a stiffer "no artifacts for personal use" rule, the question of whether immortality is the best cure for Myka's cancer in the long run is a question that she'll have to face in her conflicted state. This has the potential to be a really great—if somewhat predictable—storyline. 

Also, why do we have to go right for the immortality-granting artifact? Is there nothing out there in the stacks that could help Myka out in a less-extreme way?

We're in the homestretch, which means the Library of Crazy has to get extra crazy to make it all worth while—something which is all the more apparent following a slew of generally boring episodes since the mid-season premiere back in April. Nick effortlessly played on Claudia's eagerness to collect strays like herself and to pay the goodwill Artie and Mrs. Frederic showed her forward (which makes him especially awfulof course) and bypassed all of Claudia's fancy security to run amok in the warehouse while Steve was whammied into doing paperwork with the magic of magnets. 

All of the manipulation and sneaking into the warehouse was part of Charlotte and Nick's original plan—but just as Charlotte appeared to make nice with Artie and the others, Nick decided to go off-script and embrace his eternal teenage rebellion, un-bronze an alchemist, and hit the road, leaving a bronzed Claudia and a destroyed bronzer in his and Evil Giles' wake. Next week is Season 4's penultimate episode, and while I think we're in a good place, story-wise, as we head into the last two episodes of the season, I still wish we hadn't preceded what's shaping up to be a generally enjoyable storyline with so many inconsequential one-shots. 

Okay, I'll stop whining now. "Lost & Found" continued the improvement that last week's "What Matters Most" started in terms of giving this aimless half of the season some much needed direction and I couldn't be more delighted.  While the consequences don't seem as dire as the usual "save the world from apocalyptic destruction," the Myka angle has given Warehouse 13 a smaller-scale, more personal story that is no less important than the usual sweeping heroics. As we gear up for the final season, bringing the warehouse crew back together and adding the immediacy of trying to save one of their own builds on what has always been Warehouse 13's greatest strength—its characters. 


– "It's time for my 3am sandwich." "It's 1am." "Still on East Coast time." 

– The smokey ghost/monster thing was a big special effects improvement over the cheapo lava. It was actually kind of cool-looking. 

– The one honest thing that Nick said to Steve was that he wanted a normal life. So I guess there's hope for him. Or something.

– Abigail keeps disappearing. Not a sight of her this week. It's like she's only around when we explicitly need to talk about our feelings. 

– What did you think of the episode? 

– How do you think the Myka/Charlotte/Nick/Philosopher's Stone story will play out?

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