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Warehouse 13 S05E02: "Secret Services"

What an improvement over last week's snoozefest of a season premiere! Maybe it was the abundance of Claudia, maybe it was the adorableness of Pete and Myka, or maybe it was Artie just caving to Claudia's demands to see her sister because he's been on this show long enough to know that if he tries to screw around and keep secrets, it's just going to bite everyone in the ass two episodes from now, but it doesn't even matter—I just really liked "Secret Services." 

Fresh off of the Paracelsus debacle, Warehouse 13 reassured us that it didn't forgot about that nugget it dangled in front of us at the end of last season: Claudia's thought-to-be-dead sister Claire is alive and... well, she's alive. As far as forgetting about other plot points, I guess Mark Sheppard was just wandering around the bowels of the Warehouse unnoticed this week, but, eh, considering the facility's long and storied history of secret-keeping and other fun surprises, I guess Benedict Valda on the prowl is just one more boogieman waiting to jump out of the stacks. 

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AIRED ON 5/19/2014

Season 5 : Episode 6

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