Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 6

Don't Hate The Player

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Don't Hate The Player


    Don't Hate The Player was a great episode of Warehouse 13 and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there were some familiar faces from Eureka who get stuck in a virtual game based on the Warehouse. It was cool to see the characters in the game and how the game changed. Artie and Steve had an interesting encounter with the mysterious FBI Agent at aMuseum regarding a Van Gogh Painting. The end of this episode was kinda crazy and looks like we might get more answers soon as to the mysterious figure that has been lurking in the shadows. I look forward to watching the next episode of Warehouse 13!!!!

  • Video game zaniness via a Beatrix Potter tea set and a Van Gogh storm painting challenge the two Warehouse teams this episode.


    It was an interesting episode although I found the Artie/Steve adventure better than the Myka/Claudia/Pete case. I personally have a bit of a problem with these alternate reality episodes and that is why I didn't find the MCP case as much fun. It was fun seeing Fargo come over from Eureka again but once Claudia and Pete had entered the game environment I didn't find things as interesting as normal. It is always some fun though when Pete expresses his childish desires and that is worth a laugh like when he got his big sword and took serious notice of Leena as the angel with two big wings! But when you can do almost anything you want as a writer with this game environment scenario it seems to lose some of the fun and seems contrived. Fargo played well in the episode though and the ultimate reasoning of facing your fears wasn't bad. Claudia was pretty good too and it was fun seeing her as more of a female as the princess and seeing her own reaction to being more of a female!

    Artie and Steve's case I found more interesting and serious. Artie's absent mindedness and his deep understanding of what is going on are a forte performance for Saul which he plays to perfection. And Steve's naiveness at being a Warehouse agent are quite fun. Their case was more interesting to me and, whether it matters or not, more interesting. And again we have the nefarious Sally and where she is leading the plot line to contend with as well. I am looking forward to where that is heading in future episodes.

    So all in all I enjoyed the episode but rated it only 7.5 compared with other episodes. It is interesting how they are frequently having two plot lines each week and definitely keeps the action levels high.

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