Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2009 on Syfy
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Pete goes to Las Vegas with Myka to recover an artifact from a couple of gamblers... unaware that the real Myka is trapped in a mirror at the warehouse.

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  • A SyFy rendition of Lewis Carol's 'Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There'...

    This was a fine episode, and I should appreciate the writers for scripting a fine adaptation of 19 century literature. The premise was one of Lewis Carol's extension work on his masterpiece - 'Alice in Wonderland' by the name I pointed out in the summary. It's based on the idea that Alice perceives a different world on the other side of the mirror. W13 re-engineered this idea to one where Lewis Carol is stuck in the mirror world and swaps his body with Myka and enters the real world. Though the story actually runs along the lines on another artifact which allows one to see the future, the mirror figured as the chief ingredient of the story.

    Putting aside the obvious attempts to put a little sleaze in the story by making Joanne Kelly look hot (and she did look hot!), and inserting a passionate kiss between her and Pete, and a few flaws in the plot;- the story was definitely engaging and every minute was worth watching.moreless
  • Interesting but failed in several things

    This series is one of the most entertaining shows I've see recently. And the chemistry of all the cast specially Joanne and Eddie makes me want to see more.

    This episode was interesting and I liked how we have to stories in one. Myka trapped in a mirror and an artifact that allows its owner to see the future kind of work for me. However, Alice/Myka fell in the trap to easily and she was back in the mirror. The woman gave Pete the chip to easily considering it was a very valuable artifact even when it was making her sick. And why the heck wouldn't Myka ever kiss Pete? Not that they are attracted to each other now, but I doubt that Myka dared kiss Pete if their lives depended on it.

    But well, I really enjoy the kiss scene. They have great chemistry. And I also liked the hug in the end, because we were able to see Myka's softer side.moreless
  • Pete, Myka, and Claudia are doing inventory busy work while Artie sulks about MacPherson. Pete is fooling around with Lewis Carroll's mirror and when the disco ball from Studio 54 falls Myka gets trapped in the mirror switching places with Alice.moreless

    Interesting stretch for Joanne Kelly as Myka. She gets to act a little more than just a stretched tighter than a golf ball Secret Service Agent which is what her usual character is like. I liked the newer Myka/Alice unfortunately it was a Myka with no scruples so she had to go.

    Artie was his usual annoying self back in the Warehouse. He didn't want to talk to IT or communicate with IT in any way. All that will do is cause trouble he thinks. Luckily Claudia and Genelle manage to get some sense into him and he recognizes the usual facial and neck ticks Myka does when she is mad at him. I thought the question about the ferret was excellent as Alice would either know it or not. Very clever.

    My only major problem with this episode was in the ending. I think it was too easy to get Alice to come back to destroy the mirror. Was she that afraid Artie would figure out how to release Myka. Also she could see the future. Why didn't she see the events as they turned out. It was just too easy. The writers wrote themselves into a corner and just wrote something to get themselves out which doesn't quite jive. When it got down to less than ten minutes I was afraid of that.

    Pretty entertaining episode though with all of the principles and guest stars doing a good job. Thanks for reading...moreless
Erica Cerra

Erica Cerra

Jillian Whitman

Guest Star

Stephanie Barrett (II)

Stephanie Barrett (II)

Alice Liddell

Guest Star

Andrea Moseanu

Andrea Moseanu


Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Claudia Donovan

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    • Myka: Okay, this stuff is dangerous, all right?
      Pete: Right.
      Myka: This is Lewis Carroll's mirror. Alice in Wonderland. "Off with their heads."
      Pete: That's chick lit, right?
      Myka: Chick lit?
      Pete: Yeah. Come on. Not everything in here is dangerous. You got that cuddly little ferret from a cooking pot.
      Myka: Yeah, he peed in my shoes.
      Pete: That's... that was me.
      Myka: That's funny.

    • Myka: I'm not mad at Artie, I'm mad at you.
      Pete: No you're not mad at me.
      Myka: Yes I am.
      Pete: You're not mad at me, you're not mad at me. Because when you're mad at me, your neck gets all long until it looks like that. It's like a giraffe over there. And then when you get mad at Artie, your neck gets over here to the right. Yes! Just like that.

    • Artie: That sounds like... oh, the Studio 54 Disco Ball. Oh, god, I hate disco.

    • Pete: O-M-G, what's the B-F-D?
      Artie: What? Iniquitous hands with the means to exploit fate.
      Claudia: "Iniquitous " means "bad."
      Pete: Thanks, Roget.

    • Myka: Which means we're looking for one thing and it should be in their possession.
      Pete: Why?
      Myka: It's Carson's Rule of Linear Transfer.
      Pete: Gesundheit.

    • Pete: Oh, you have the Tesla, right?
      Myka: Yes.
      Pete: I'll trade you for the Farnsworth.
      Myka: But you, but you have the gun.
      Pete: I know. But it's the boring one.

    • Myka: Here's what you and I both know but we never talk about it. All right?
      Artie: Mm-hmm.
      Myka: That I don't trust you. That I need you to tell me the truth... and to not treat me like some chess piece that you move around on a board that only you can see. That I am valuable. That I matter. And that I deserve to know everything I can about this world that you send me into every day so at least I have a fighting chance. You know, in spite of everything... in spite of everything, I like you. I think you're great. And I want you to think the same of me.

    • Leena: Myka did name the ferret. She's just not telling Pete the name.
      Claudia: Why not?
      Artie: 'Cause she named it Pete.

    • Alice-Myka: So what tipped you?
      Pete: The real Myka... would never kiss me. Never! Not if her life depended on it.

    • Artie: Now, now we move Alice to the Dark Vault.
      Myka: What's the Dark Vault?
      Pete: Well, it's better than the oy gevalt.

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