Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 11

Emily Lake/Stand

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on Syfy

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    This to me has to be the darkest episode of the series, in this one it really takes an unfun turn, and from how things are going this could be one game Pete, Mika and the rest may not win.

    I like the fact that in this two parter they for once have a worth opponent. I know there were two enimies before like McPhereson whom was decent but passable. And of course Helena but I felt that was forced. Walter Sykes though is different because he is intelegent, ruthless, bitter, menecing and evil. He is mainly driven by rage of what the Warehouse agent Jane has taken away from him his ability to walk, however that rage turned into an evil ambition to gain power by possessing and cultivating the objects of the Warehouse. What he lacks in physical abilities are more than made up for his intelegence, he's almost like a skilled chess player a step ahead of the competition like when he handles Pete with some sort of controler rod and almost kills him.

    Everyone else is good as usual Pete, Mika, Artie, even Jinx. But to me it's really three characters and in a way it really is more there episode.

    Jane is great and I found sympathtic because she blames herself for what happened with Walter. But I don't feel it's really her fault at all, that braclet even though it's said to bring out the darkside in people I felt was just something that presented Walter with a choice whether he wanted to go on the path of darkness. I just always believed that when people become bad or evil it was more choice than circumstance. I also like that she can hold her own, she is still able to do some fist a cuffs in one scene in one scene which was cool. There was even another scene where I saw how Pete may have a lot more of his mom in him, I thought that was funny but also interesting.

    Claudia was also great, here we really see a bit more of a dark version of her when Sykes really crosses the line with her. That scene where they found Jinx I'll admit made my heart sink, cause I really did like that character, but just hearing Claudia scream even the look on her face hurt me even more. We see her slip into the darkside, when she finds that timer which kept Skyes second hand man alive she doesn't give it to Fredricks, she was going to use it to give Jinx a little more life but also says no more abitrary rules, so I know at that point she's no longer follows their rules because to her their system in inadiquite.

    But for me it was Helena that was great she really was the one that did the most in this one. I liked seeing that alter ego identity of hers Emily Lake whom was a real contract to Helina indeed. Liked that American voice of hers I don't know if that was an accent of the real actresses voice but it sounded beautiful all the same. Her persona I find amusing she is mousy, a little ditzy but not stupid, and doesn't know Kempo, from that little scene where she is holding a knife and the way she holds it was funny. But of course we see Helena with her persona again and liked how she worked with Mika once more, both the characters/actresses truely look like they could be sisters. My favorate moment was the chess game of death, where the board was a lock for the bypass door to the Warehouse, but to open it you had to get the right combination of moves; but if you make one wrong move too many then lets just say you lose your head. In this sequence we know both Helena and Mika better not lose we're hoping Helena will figure out the right move to win the game and that Mika won't lose her head. But I just like how once again she was exercising selflessness which is something she's good at the most than the others, since she knows enough about loss. And that is one of the reasons I really love her character and feel the most pathos for her because she truely has gotten so much crap happen to her, she just can't seem to find happyness again.

    I would of given this episode more but two things about this holds it back for me. One the first half of the show is a bit slow, but the second half things speed up. Two, the final confortation with Sykes was kinda lame along with how he went down. It's just I felt that both Pete and Sykes need more of a actually back and forth physical conforntation like while their trading fist a cuffs/gunfire they'd both also use the gagets in the warehouse against each other where one gadget cancels out the other or even do a little damage. I just felt the fact this didn't happen was a blown opportunity it could be because of budget and time limitations, or the director doesn't quite know how to do action. Despite this things worked out all the same.

    But this episode has a scene that was really heartbreaking for me, we find out that there is some sort of mini nuke and none of the charcter can disarm it, even with what ever they have in the Warehouse it does nothing. Then we of course see Helena do a selfless act which is to create a shield for Pete, Mika and Artie to survive but she couldn't come in it. There was a disquieting moment where we see both Mika and Helena look at one another and then the last words Helena says are "I smell apples" that really put tears in my eyes because that was the smell her daughter had. Once the explosion happened and I saw her die I couldn't help but cry, I wish to God it didn't happen but it did.

    I felt one of the themes in the episode was really on the phylosophical question on what is true victory. Did the team really win; certain charcters survived but some were lost along with the warehouse so does that really constitute winning? But also on ethical boundaries, what Claudia says about the Regents isn't off the mark there were times when even I questioned how they conduct things, they did after all send Jinx on what is almost a sucide mission and they did nothing to help Helina cure or revive her daughter let alone the things they did to her after she supposedly went nuts (thought I'm doubting the claim), so it makes me wonder are they really for the greater good or just their own interests.

    Helena was both beautiful body and soul like a timeless relic I'll never forget her.

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