Warehouse 13

Season 2 Episode 7

For the Team

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2010 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Myka takes Claudia on as a partner for the teenager's first full mission, investigating cases of spontaneous combustion among athletes. Meanwhile, Helena returns to plague the team.

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  • Loved the return of H.G.Wells!

    I liked this episode, very warm and fuzzy. Claudia's first mission, the way Myka mentors her - that's cool. Pete admitting he's obnoxious to a lass he likes - very cool - not many men have the guts to be honest like that.

    I hope we see more of H.G.Wells - I'm still very curious about why she got bronzed, appalled that she was conscious all that time, and very appalled that Artie thinks nothing of such an inhuman punishment.

    Wells has the potential for interesting chemistry with Myka, possibly somewhere between a Buffy/Faith and Willow/Tara kinda way, and I hope that's explored in future. Mind you, it's obvious that Wells has an agenda. Looking forward to finding what that is.

    Still a bif miffed that we've had miraculous cures to an agent's life in danger.moreless
  • Another solid entry!

    I like it when shows change things up and defy expectation. For instance, the writers introduced H.G. Wells as the next great villain of the series, and so it was assumed that this was the direction the story would take. This episode presents a different side of the issue, and presents the possibility that Wells is not quite the villain she appears to be.

    Or, perhaps more accurately, she may have an endgame that will run counter to the desires of the Regents and the best interests of the familiar Warehouse 13 gang, but that makes perfect sense from her perspective. And that would be a great direction to take with this plot thread. It would certainly help to make up for the lack of follow-through on Wells and her activities over the first half of the season.

    I thought Myka, Claudia, and Wells made a great female empowerment team, especially considering the crisis at hand. Three lovely women coming to the aid of a bunch of supposedly tough male wrestlers? Good stuff all around! Even Pete and Artie were, in their own ways, making choices to gain the favor of women with strong personalities.

    I like the callback to the vet in "Beyond Our Control", and I hope we see more of her and Pete in future episodes. I also want to see more of Dr. Calder, because it opens up a side of Artie that hasn't really been seen too often. I like how his father-figure role has evolved this season, and a potential romance would only continue to broaden the character.

    For the most part, I'm just happy with the direction that the season has taken. I think the first few episodes were a bit rough, as they made the necessary adjustments to expand the storytelling opportunities, but they're hitting their stride now. It's not on the level of "Eureka" this season, but it's a solid part of my DVR list.moreless
Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner

Dr. Vanessa Calder

Guest Star

Robert Clark

Robert Clark

Garry Gross

Guest Star

Scott Wickware

Scott Wickware

Coach Tappon

Guest Star

Paula Garcés

Paula Garcés

Dr. Kelly Hernandez

Recurring Role

Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray

Helena G. Wells

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Between Claudia seeing the wrestler spontaneously combust and her second interview with Gary in his room, the purple streak in Claudia's hair disappears.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Pete: Myka! Guess how many croissants I shoved into my mouth at once.
      Kelly: One day you'll have to tell me how you got partnered up with that one.
      Myka: Well, the croissant thing's actually kind of impressive when you see it.
      Kelly: Yeah, at least it keeps him from talking.
      Pete: Oh, that's right. You prefer your males to bark and hump your leg.
      Kelly: I'm sure it's in your repertoire.

    • Dr. Calder: Given your proclivity to appendicitis, I really still think we should remove it again.
      Artie: Okay.
      Dr. Calder: Just prophylactically.
      Pete: (snickers) "Prophylactically."
      Artie: Shut up.

    • Pete: Maybe I'm wrong, but... are Vanessa and Artie sitting in a tree?
      Artie: Ah, don't be absurd. We're two adults who just have a lot of professional respect for each other. And shut up.
      Pete: K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I knew it! Newsflash: Artie is human.
      Artie: Walk away.
      Pete: You like her.
      Artie: Stop it.
      Pete: You want to hug her and kiss her...
      Artie: I'm walking away.
      Pete: ...and squeeze her. And all right! (slaps Artie on the butt)
      Artie: Don't touch me there.

    • Claudia: She's good.
      Myka: Yeah, sure, in an obvious kind of way.
      Claudia: Worked on Pete in London.
      Myka: Well, that's not exactly scaling Mt. Everest, is it?

    • Pete: You, sir, have been growing back your appendix in an attempt to get Vanessa to visit the warehouse! That's so romantic.
      Artie: Are you quite finished?
      Pete: If only...
      Artie: So, "no," then.
      Pete: ...there were some way for you to... interact with Vanessa that did not involve invasive surgery. Perhaps some kind of... I don't know, social ritual. One involving the sharing of food or the enjoying of filmed entertainment with maybe some duds that have been milked. Ahh. I mean a date.
      Artie: I know what you mean.

    • Myka: A grappling hook?
      Helena: I designed it myself. What?
      Myka: Nothing. It 's just a little old fashioned.
      Helena: Well, it wasn't when I invented it. And it seems to have saved your life. And yet you're still wondering if I set this whole thing up just to prove my innocence.
      Myka: Well, the thought did cross my mind somewhere between, "Holy crap, I'm going to die," and, "Oh, I'm flying!"
      Helena: And what have you concluded?
      Myka: The jury's still out.

    • Myka: Why were you bronzed?
      Helena: The scales that Lady Justice holds are more easily tipped than one knows. The world is never as you think it should be.

    • Pete: Look, Doc Owens is out of town. His appendix is about to burst. so it's either the vet or the barber.
      Kelly: An appendectomy? You do realize that most of the operations I perform are spaying and neutering?
      Artie: Okay, the barber. The barber.

    • Artie: You don't have to miss out on having a real life like I did.
      Pete: I'd be honored to have a a life like yours.
      Artie: I'd be honored if you'd try for a little more.

    • Myka: Hey, you. How do you feel?
      Claudia: Did I combust?
      Myka: No.
      Claudia: If that guy made me combust, I'm gonna be pissed.

    • Pete: I've been thinking that, uh, you know, sometimes... I can be kind of obnoxious in a fun and entertaining way and since it's already come up, you did mention that I was cute. Although now that I think of it, bunny rabbits and kittens are cute, so maybe it wasn't the compliment that I thought.

    • Kelly: Fine. Eating at the same table... but noting more and don't get any ideas.
      Pete: I almost never do.
      Kelly: Chinese place on Main and we're going Dutch.
      Pete: Couldn't we go to the Dutch place on Fifth and go Chinese?
      Kelly: Come on, Slappy, before I change my mind.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Claudia: Very schmancy and Richie Rich.
      Referencing the world's richest kid, who first appeared in Little Dot #1 (September 1953). The only child of multimillionaire parents, Richie is nonetheless kind and generous. Along with his girlfriend Gloria Glad and friends Freckles and Pee-Wee Friendly, Richie has many exciting adventures.

    • Claudia: Stratego. What do you know?
      Referencing the popular board game licensed and trademarked by Milton Bradley. A sophisticated game of "Capture the Flag," Stratego is a two-player game where each person moves numbered pieces to capture the opponent's pieces, move across the board, and capture the enemy's flag piece. Pieces are one-sided so opponents do not initially know which pieces have which values.

    • Claudia: Spill it, Hulkling. Don't make me angry.
      Referencing the young Marvel superhero who first appeared in Young Avengers #1 (April 2005). Teddy Altman is an alien Kree/Skrull shapeshifter with superhuman strength. To blend in with his teammates, also related to the Avengers, Teddy took on a Hulk-like appearance. The second part of the quote comes from the 1970s TV series, where David Banner warns a reporter not to make him angry because he won't like what happens.