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Official Discussion Thread: Second Chance (possible spoilers)

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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 9/17/12 episode "Second Chance" to this thread.

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    The storyline following Claudia/Jinks/Metronome, well it felt like a cheap way out. Forgiveness will set you free and allow you to live again. Felt like Sci-Fi show meets a kindergartener lesson. If it doesn't continue I'll bedisappointed. Also I felt Laura Innes's acting was wasted on this episode. She's not the greatest actress I've seen, but still they could have gotten any hack for the episode.

    The main storyline, I liked it. Felt very authentic Warehouse 13.

    As for the Astrolabe storyline, I loved the new twist. Mrs. Fredric, Lena, and HG all in danger with HG ordered to go on her own to save the Warehouse... awesome potential.

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    I thought the denouement to the Metronome sub-plot was pretty good! Maybe a tad too easy to guess, after the first arguement between mother and son. But, it still made my eyes water more than my annual hay fever does! So, i.m.o., the writers definitely knew what they were doing in the Claudia-and-Jiggs Dept.

    As for the main plot of this week's ep? I'll agree with you that that was a real white-knuckler! If only because I was afraid that Artie was going to go back into his pre-"Implosion" shell. And, that would have made me angrier with him than Brother Adrian!!*

    Don't get me wrong, though. I'm plenty mad at Brother Adrian, too. "Natural order of things?" Are the Black Diamond Brethren that religiously fanatical, that they would regard world-wide loss of hope as natural? That, to me, sounds more like the attitude of a suicidal person. And, I thought Christianity frowned on that as the one unforgivable no-no?

    * For reasons you can all (re-) read within the "Implosion" thread for Season 1.

    Edited on 09/19/2012 6:20pm
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    Yeah the metronome thing was a weird resolution and why get such a high profile actress to play mom for that bit role? Like where the fight against the brotherhood is going now that everyone is on board.

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