Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Farewell Helina

    Like all good, great chracters sooner or latter they have to go their own way. I thought this was a fitting finale for the character Helena. It makes sense for her character, after everything she's been through she's lost her taste for it but most of all doesn't feel there is anything back at the Warehouse for her anymore.

    I like the fact that she has moved on and has a normal life for herself, she still fight the good fight but in a different way by becoming a CSI investigator. She has moved on with a new man Nate, whom looks physically like he could be Pete's brother and his daughter Adelaide. I really like both the characters their decent/soild chacters you get a good feeling for them. I like Adelaide in a way she's sort of a young version of "Nancy Drew" or "Veronica Mars" as we see Helena has taught her some tricks of her trade like deductive reasoning, kempo and even in one scene being an escape artist and stealth. And there is some chemistry between Nate and her that we see, we even get some depth into the relationship. It shows that having a life oustside the Warehouse is possible but also show how human Helina is and she has a life of her own she's building and intends to stay.

    And there are moments where it's a bit dramatic when we see one scene when Mika spouts out about how people like HG can't have normal lives. I thought she was completely out of line and that is a bunch of bullcrap, Helena is an individual she has wants and needs so she had a right to leave. Also business loves no one back, it can go on without anyone. Even liked seeing the little emotion with Helina as she feels some guilt over not telling Nate everything about her, but then again that would be pritty hard to swallow, honestly what was she going to say she is the true author of "War of the Worlds" and "Food of the Gods". But still all the same the truth does have to come out if she is to have the life she wants, heck Spider Man had to take the mask of to tell Mary Jane who he is, and their relationship works.

    The case they work is soild as it's about a DA and detective that have lost their way and both have became corrupted by the power of the artifact and are trying to admister justice their way, but are becoming their own worst enemy. We then see the stakes being raised as the people in Helena's life are being threatened. One scene we see the Detective use the jaw bone artifact on Nate, but then fortunately Helena comes to his rescue by kicking the corrupt detective's butt. I just thought it was cool because you could say it was the other way around on the cleche of the male hero/superhero saving the girl. Not to say it hasn't been done before Sailor Moon saving Tuxcedo Mask, April saving Casey Jones, you name it I just think it's cool to see that every once in a while. And also I feel it makes sense, Nate doesn't have combat training and dealing with warehouse artifacts is outside his field of expertiese; but Helina has training and knowledge in that. But we also see that Adilade is kidnapped, so that just all the more makes us want Helina, Pete, and Mika to win.


    And I liked seeing Helina work with both Pete and Mika once more, which is fitting since it's one last adventure. But one thing I really like seeing was Pete exercising his intelegence and investiagive skill as well as Mika taking the offensive, which was great because it was also another other way around because usaual it's Mika that does this and Pete taking the offensive; I wish we could see that more often. Liked one little touch as we see Helina has kept a bit of her old life in her as she's built a secret compartment for her teslia coil and grabling hook guns in Nate's house in case she ever need them again, so I like that notion of having a little inbetween.

    Then of course we see the final conflict which was decent, though Pete says something really stupid when he says Mika will be pissed if Helina kills the kidnappers; I think he should be worried about the kidnappers killing them. All have a hand in the rescue, and liked that moment when Helina hugs Adelade and then tells her her real name, it was touching and cemented that this truly was Helina's life.

    The final minutes were also touching as it ends on a hopeful not that Helina and her new family will make it, personally I'm sure they will. And then Mika then apologies for what she said earlier, she said that because she was angry and scared she was losing her best friend. Helina then says they can still have their friendship, do normal stuff like having coffee together and if Mika every needed help on a case to call her; so that was touching.

    So farewell Helina, I'm sad to see you go but you had your final case and you won, so have the life you deserve and live happily.
  • Love it

    Love having HG Back!!!!!!
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